Geeky Glamorous Art Show Recap

This weekend, I had the chance to attend the opening reception of the Geeky Glamorous Art Show, celebrating the female geek. The event took place at JapanLA and included prizes for the most fashionably geek lady and gentleman and music by Tune in Tokyo.

geeky glamorous art show

I had a great time, and the art was excellent! View all the pictures on the NBF Facebook page.


Featured artists:

  • Austen Kingsbury
  • Camilla d’Errico
  • Chikuwaemil
  • Chingyi Liu
  • Crazy Spork I Am
  • Felted Chicken
  • Hanie Mohd
  • Jennifer Landa
  • Jonelle Marie
  • JSalvador
  • Kate Logan
  • Lazarus
  • Leesasaur
  • Locketship
  • Mary Winkler
  • Messy Pink
  • Misha
  • MugiBunny
  • Niko Evangelista
  • Nobody Studios
  • Nyanzilla
  • Ogeeku
  • Sharodactyl
  • Solomon Gaitain
  • YumeNinja

The winner of the most fashionable male geek was a tall gentleman named J. Lance Moose, in a steampunk get up. The winner of the ladies competition was Chrissa Sparkles, of course.

chrissa sparkles

The exhibit runs until February 28th, so if you’re in the LA area, be sure to go check it out! All artwork is now for sale.

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