Spider PowerForce Headphones Review: CES 2013

At CES this year, I had the opportunity to check out the offerings from Spider, including a little bluetooth speaker (which I will review soon) and the PowerForce Headphones. I immediately fell in love with these headphones out of all of them, because they were so expensive-looking and gorgeous.

The PowerForce set came with the headphones, a quarter inch adaptor, a four-foot cable, and a soft carrying bag. The box claimed a nine foot cable was also included, but I didn’t have one when I opened the box. Then I realized that the adaptor was attached to the longer cable, and everything was fine again. I just took it off and voila!



You can choose between black headphones with red thread or white with gold thread. I chose the white, and I get so many compliments on these wherever I go. They definitely catch the eye by looking lux.

The cups swivel and also tuck in, making these headphones super-easy to tote around. They don’t take up much space at all in my bag. The cable is also removable, which is convenient because I found the four-foot cord way too short, but the longer one was perfect.


The adjustable band is metal, and the rest of the design is plastic, foam, and protein-leather. I also like that L and R are clearly labelled on the appropriate side, in case I forget ^_^.

As much as I love the way it looks and the fact that it folds up, it can also be a hassle to take on and off. Because the cups want to swivel up, I had to readjust the headphones every time I took them on and off. I also sometimes smacked myself in the face with the cups trying to get them off of my head, where they hold on with their vise-like grip.

My main concern was the comfort of the fit. Although I found the band very comfortable, the headphones were extremely tight and caused a lot of pain in the muscles around my ear, as they tried to fight back against the grip holding my head. On the positive side, these bad boys did not slip off my head no matter what.


These headphones had a lot of bass, just like I like. I was able to get a bass groove goin’ so hard that I couldn’t help but nod my head to the music…which would be fine if I wasn’t at work surrounded by coworkers >.<


Despite all that base, the sound was still nice and clear. Their range is 10-22 Hz, so they had a good range of sound and clarity. I will say, however, that on certain types of settings I would lose the vocals noticeably, and I do believe the bass is the culprit.

Another positive for me was the fact that no one else could hear what I was listening to, even at high volumes (but not toooo high…I like my hearing, thanks). This is really useful when listening at work, so I can still rock out without disturbing my coworkers.

And the best part of all that nice sound? These aren’t as expensive as comparable brands, so you’re getting good sound for an excellent price.

Techie Stuff

Driver Size: 40mm Dynamic Driver
Impedance: 32 ohm
Frequency Response: 10-22 Hz
Sensitivity: 105 dB


These beautiful headphones are only $80 on Amazon and $130 on their site. This is MUCH more affordable than other brands!


For comparison, check out this detailed article, which compares it to the Sony ZX700, Audio Technicas ATH-M50, and Beats Studio.


Overall, my only issue with these headphones were the discomfort that comes with wearing them too long. However, I’m hoping I can eventually break them in and get that tightness to loosen up some.

If you want stylish headphones with good sound at a great price, PowerForce headphones are the ones for you!

Score: B-

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