Lady Gamer for the Month of January: Panser

This month’s Lady of Gaming is Danielle, aka Panser. Panser runs TradeChat, a YouTube channel focused on World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Besides running one of the most well-known WoW YouTube channels, Panser is also a contestant on TBS’s King of the Nerds, a show that challenges nerds to prove their nerdiness.

1.) What is your favorite game of all time? What is your favorite game of right now?

My favorite game of all time is World of Warcraft…my current addiction is Skylanders Giants – GO AHEAD AND JUDGE ME! 😛

2.) You are the official WoW Insider news show. How did that come about, and what’s it like working with Azeroth’s largest blog?

Things just sort of fell into place with WoW Insider. 🙂 I love working with them; the whole staff is full of really down to Earth, cool people.

3.) Congrats on making it onto King of the Nerds! Were you nervous at all about appearing on the show and having to “prove” your nerdiness?

I was nervous about getting eliminated first; once that didn’t happen, I felt a lot less worried about proving myself.

4.) How did it feel when you were almost picked last in the first episode? What was going on in your head at that moment?

Being picked last was the worst! I have so many skills, how did they fail to see how AWESOME I am?! LOL!

5.) Who do you think is your biggest competition on the show?

I was always very focused on myself and tried not to let other people distract me.

6.) Why do you think you should be King of the Nerds?

I am very proud of who I am and I encourage others to be themselves and to neglect to care about people who try and bring them down. True nerds are accepting of everyone, because being outcasts is what unites us.

7.) Do you have any inspirations? If so, who?

My dad is a huge inspiration to me, he has taught me so much about doing the right thing and being a good person.

8.) What do you think about the way women are treated in the games industry?

I think women are treated in the gaming industry the same way that women are treated in many stereotypical male-dominated industries; we are treated as women first and gamers second. It’s not the case 100% of the time, but it is true quite often. It’s just reality, and if you want to be a part of this community, you have to have tough skin and deal with it.

9.) What would you say to young gaming girls hoping to start their own YouTube channel?

Rule #1 of YouTube…do not take anything in the comments section to heart, good or bad. Those people don’t know you! Make videos that you like and that you would want to watch! Also, BE CONSISTENT in both your content and your frequency.
spirit hat panser

Get more Panser

I think that’s excellent advice! Subscribe to TradeChat for the latest WoW and LoL news, RandomPanser for vlogs and Panserchu for DIY, makeup accessories and more. You should also like her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter, ‘cuz I do!
And don’t forget to catch her every Thursday on TBS battling it out on King of the Nerds. Check out the first episode (I promise you, it’s better than you think…I really enjoy the show myself).

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