Season 3 of The Gaming Goddess Podcast Kicks Off!

So, why is it that I am posting about a show that is now in its third season that’s currently not affiliated with Nerdy But Flirty? This is probably a pretty good question, but the simple answer is that since I will be helping out here now, I felt it was good to add to the site’s media and help spread the message about the show. Also, that latter thing may be changing here in coming months, but that’s something else entirely.

For those who are currently not familiar with my podcast, season three will be a great place to start joining in, although you are free to visit my site’s archive to listen to the older episodes! The podcast started its first season about one year ago as something I did in my spare time with Allahweh’s Domain, starting first essentially as a monologue and then evolving to include guest spots with various friends and industry folks. The format was fine-tuned as the show progressed, and now season 3 will be a bit different. I will be working on having episodes be co-hosted (not just having guests appear on it), and because of time constraints, it will be every other week rather than a weekly affair!

For this first episode of 2013, a good friend of mine and a friend of Allahweh’s Domain, Rob Eubank, co-hosts with me to talk about all sorts of different topics, ranging from recent TV shows we’ve seen, a brief talk about the Steam Box, the idea of all-in-one electronic devices becoming prolific in coming years, and, as the episode’s title might suggest, we delve into the topic of violence in games, which seems relevant given recent outbreaks here in the U.S.

Music in today’s episode focuses on fan works. The intro tune is a remix of Richter’s theme from Dracula X, the intermission is Worm Man’s theme from the fan OST of Mega Man 11 by Xavier Dang, and the closing tune is an OCR song that mashes up Bubble Man’s theme from MM2 with the final stage song from MM7.

An MP3 of the show can be found here:

In Episode 2, Jeremy Stratton (formerly of Massively) will be joining us to talk about all sorts of MMO-related goodness and, in Episode 3, Nerdy But Flirty‘s very own Sarah the Rebel will come on to talk about many diverse topics, including the development of NBF!

To see the State of Flux blog that Rob co-authors at, visit:

And to see some of my other podcast stuff, video content, and more, visit my site, Allahweh’s Domainright here.

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