Buy GoW: Ascension to get The Last of Us Demo

According to IGN, Sony has announced that folks who purchase God of War: Ascension will gain first access to a demo of The Last of Us.

Kratos’s newest game will be released on March 12th in the US. When starting God of War: Ascension, players will be greeted by a listing for The Last of Us on the title’s main menu. Select this listing to find out how to get the free demo.

Oddly enough, the demo won’t be available as soon as GoW: Ascension arrives. The phrasing makes me think that the free demo will eventually released to all players, but I’m curious to see how this works, especially since no one has had any hands-on with The Last of Us yet.

The Last of Us is scheduled to be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 on May 7.

I already reviewed the beta for the multiplayer, but what are your thoughts on GoW: Ascension?

Do you think it’s fair to offer the demo to players based solely on them buying another game?

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