CES 2013 Day 4 News

CES is coming to a close, but a lot is still going on during the last couple of days. Here are the highlights of what happened on day 4:

Mobile Apps Showdown


The people spoke at the Showdown event. The app showdown voting started in December, and the top ten voted apps would move ahead to compete in the event.

In an overwhelming sweep, MyScript Calculator from Vision Objects won the majority vote by a landslide. It’s a (FREE!) scratch-pad like calculation app, with handwriting recognition software, that solves even the most advanced of math problems.


Last Gadget Standing


Sure, CES has some great entertainment and fun, but in the end, it all comes down to the toys; more specifically, which gadget left us in awe. That’s what the Last Gadget Standing is all about.

The Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC took the online prize by winning a whopping 47.21% of the people’s vote.


But in the end, the onsite vote went to the Luminae glass keyboard. With its swipe technology and the ability to make your own keyboard layout, everyone agrees this product is pretty cool. Not to mention it looks like something out of every sci-fi movie.


Sony Simulview

Sony unveiled its latest iteration of 3D displays with its huge 84-inch 4K LED television. They demoed Gran Turismo 5 in a 4K resolution. Why do you care? Because the TV can send two full HD images to two separate players. Yes, you read that correctly, the game can be viewed fully independently by two separate players, at the same time. It allows two-player gaming all on one screen. No more split screen arguments!


QuantumVet Tricorder Plus

Since most of us at Nerdy but Flirty are crazy cat ladies, and because it wouldn’t be a Vegas convention without aliens, here is the most “WTF” gadget at CES: The QuantumVet Tricorder Plus.


It’s a pet diagnostic tool that uses extraterrestrial technology to open a portal in your pets’ mind and find out what is making your pet sick and then heal their aliments. No, I am not making this up.

And that pretty much wraps up day 4 for CES.

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