Holiday Geek: Five Holiday Outfits for Nerdy Ladies

Being amongst our loved ones is one of the best parts about the holidays. What’s another part that we love? Dressing up, of course!

But because we are nerdy ladies, we want to make our own spin on holiday outfits. Check out five holiday outfits I whipped up for nerdy ladies below:

She-Ra and He-Man Ugly Sweater Outfit

She-Ra and He-Man Christmas Outfit

I don’t know that I’d call this sweater ‘ugly.’ In fact, I think it’s pretty darned awesome, so I put together a Christmas-themed outfit to go around it.

Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater Outfit

Darth Vader Christmas Sweater
Sweater / Pea coat / Forever 21 sequin legging / High heels, $49 / Kitten heels / Earrings / Roeckl leather glove, $97 / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics / Benefit false eyelash / Butter London nail polish / Nail polish, $8.11

Once again, we see another sweater referred to as ‘ugly.’ I am sure if Vader heard that, he would force choke someone immediately. Channel your inner dark side while celebrating the holidays in this outfit.

Happy Family Christmas Sweater Outfit

Happy Family Christmas Sweater
Full Tilt cotton jacket / Vero Moda , $66 / Lace up combat boots, $32 / Audrey brooke handbag / Studded jewelry / Happy Family Geeky Ugly Christmas Sweater Long Sleeve Men’s T-Shirt / By Terry silver eyeshadow / Christian Dior , $37 / Laura Mercier , $32 / ORLY nail polish, $11

A sweater that features a robot, dinosaurs, and the ship from Galaga?! Sign me up. Play “Silver Bells” to get in the mood while dressing up in this outfit.

Minecraft Christmas Outfit

Minecraft Christmas

Show your love for the indie game Minecraft by rocking this tee as part of your holiday ensemble. Want to get in the mood? Look for a PC Minecraft update (spoiler alert) before Christmas which apparently features a special ribboned red and green skin for chests, making them look like presents.

Half-Life Holiday Outfit

Half-Life Outfit

How is this a holiday outfit, you ask? Well, maybe it doesn’t feature the usual reds, greens, and silver we tend to associate with the holidays, but there IS sparkle and shimmer in there! Therefore, it counts! It’s my personal favorite (after the Darth Vader one) and I’m hoping maybe Santa will help me put together several of these outfits for Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed all the outfits. Happy holidays and happy outfit shopping!

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