The Geek Fashion Gift Guide

Nerdy things for you to put on your body. Someone else can buy them for you! Or you can buy them for yourself! It’s Christmas time, do what you want!

And no, there is nothing with goddamn “BAZINGA” written across it in here. Fuck The Big Bang Theory.



Let’s start with some Doctor Who, shall we? I particularly enjoy this t-shirt design because it combines both my love for Disney princesses and Doctor Who into one thing. And I quite like the idea that as the clock strikes midnight, the Doctor shows up and takes Cinderella away for fabulous adventures. He’s the real Prince Charming, eh? Get it at Threadless.


It is not unknown that I love Minecraft, and I wanted to find something Minecraft-y that pays homage to the awesome game but that doesn’t scream “OMG MINECRAFT“. I also love Endermen and how adorable they look carrying around their little cubes to build little houses. Precious. So, hence, I have found you this t-shirt. Poor little dude can’t catch a break with the weather. Get it at Threadless.


So, these amazing tank tops say that they are technically pajamas, but they have to be out of their minds if they think that I am totally not wearing them to the store, or the movies, or the bars. Because HELL YES. They are superheroine tank tops WITH CAPES. CAPES. I feel like I really need to stress the cape part. Someone needs to buy me one of these as soon as possible. Get them at ThinkGeek.

Star Wars pants

But if you really do wear the tank top as part of your pajamas, here are some adorable little Darth Vader pajama pants to go with your awesome tank top. I mean, they don’t really match, but who cares? You are sleeping in a goddamn cape with Darth Vader pants. You are obviously better than everyone. Get them at Her Universe.


Obligatory Harry Potter house shirt. They totally have all the houses, but I am only posting Ravenclaw, because I want to. Deal with it. Also because I don’t bother with the lesser houses (OOOOOOOH, BURN!). Get them at ThinkGeek.

Finally, I love everything over in Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant! shop. Her comics are hysterical, and she has made several of them available on things such as shirts! And mugs! And tote bags! Definitely check the whole store out, but here are a couple of my favorites:


Get this one here.

And get this one here.

And get this one here.


Full moon earrings

First up in the jewelry category is EVERYTHING from the Space collection in the Etsy shop Polina and Sergey. They have a lot of really beautiful pieces available, but I just love the space/universe/star themed items they have. Unfortunately, it looks like some of the amazing bracelets they had are gone right now, but definitely check out everything else.


Next up, for the lady of letters in your life, are these awesome old-fashioned pen nib earrings from Tatty Devine. JUST LOOK AT THEM. They even have a black bead of ink hanging from the tip of the pen! God. I am dying.


Speaking of Tatty Devine, here, have some giant hipster glasses on a necklace.


Are you the type of person who feels naked without some armor? Do you wish you looked more like your Skyrim character? Do you just like chainmail? Well I have the bracelet for you! I actually really like these much more than I thought I would, because they are a basic accessory that can go with just about anything. Although I am disappointed that this little chainmail bracelet costs almost $50, holy Christ. You should totally buy it though! (For meeeeee). Get them at ThinkGeek.


And now, acting as a segue between jewelry and the category I like to call “Random Accessories,” we have Agabag. Everything on this site is made from Lego bricks, and they have everything, from bracelets to cufflinks to rings to pendants. There are some really awesome pieces on here. But I think my favorites are the clutches made entirely of Legos. Definitely take a look, there is bound to be something you will want.

Random Accessories


So I thought about putting these socks on my last post about nerdy accessories, but I didn’t, and so I want to mention them now. I mean, what better way to keep your feet warm this holiday season than with these Diablo III Mistress of Pain socks? And just admit, thigh-high “Mistress of Pain” socks? Kind of super sexy. And maybe they just happen to be the only thing you have on when your significant other comes home…


This is mustache that is a headband. Do I need to explain any further why this is awesome?


And finally, the beard hat. Again, I feel like this needs no explanation. I need it because of reasons.

So there you have it, your Geeky Fashion/Accessory Gift Guide. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, because I probably won’t be seeing you until after Santa brings me all of these for Christmas. Hopefully the beard hat at least. Anyway, joy to the world, and all that jazz. KELSEY, OUT.

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