Nerdy News Roundup: The-Holy-Crap-It’s-Almost-Christmas Edition

Good morning, sportsfans! It’s the holidays! And I don’t particularly know how that applies to my news roundup, but then again, I don’t really care all that much. So let’s go!


Play XBLA has announced update 8 for Minecraft, even though update 7 still has yet to come out. Update 8 will have “The End”, which is a new plane much like The Nether. I’m assuming it is where the Endermen come from, but I could be mistaken. However, 7 will include most of the features from the PC version including animal breeding, potion brewing, villagers, and mushroom biomes. But we aren’t getting jungle and ocelots yet. Drat.


The first DLC for Dishonored was released on Tuesday. Dunwall City Trials is available on Steam, Xbox 360, and the Playstation Network for $5/400 Microsoft points. It’s a series of ten challenge maps that test your super-serious stealthy assassination skills. There is more Dishonored DLC expected in spring 2013 in the form of some story-driven add-ons featuring that asshole master assassin Daud. Which makes me wonder (SPOILERS) what is going to happen if you chose to eliminate Daud in your playthrough. ‘Cause I totally did.

Wii U

WiiU owners in Europe discovered last week that trying to buy 18+ rated games in the eshop only works in a four-hour time window between 11pm and 3am! How wonderfully convenient for…no one! The German Youth Protection Regulation only allows content rated 18+ to be purchased at night. And so all of this is due to Nintendo of Europe’s location in Germany, making them subject to the law. Nintendo of America, however, is subject to no such nonsense. YEAH, FREEDOM!

Alice in Wonderland

Disney is making a sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, because why the hell not, apparently. As TheMarySue put it, it probably involves something that “rhymes with honey, sunny, and funny.” You may be thinking that, “Oh! Well, there was Alice in Wonderland, but there was also its second part titled Through the Looking Glass!” Yes, but Tim Burton’s adaptation already raided the knickers of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass in the film the first time around. I know, because I have read both books and then had the unfortunate privilege of sitting through Burton’s godawful adaptation. So who knows what they will do with this second movie, although they are apparently already working with a new Alice. Maybe Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, and Johnny Depp will all finally have an orgy onscreen dressed in crazy costumes while singing a moody musical number. Because that wouldn’t be predictable at all…

The new Assassins Creed III DLC trailer was released this past weekend at the VGAs, and is going to be a three-part series called the Tyranny of King Washington. Now, I love me some Revolutionary War-era history, but the idea of a “King” George Washington makes feel weird and uncomfortable. But that is only because I love all those old dudes so much. Anyway, enjoy killing our first president and the man who made our nation. I WON’T BE.

Ada Lovelace

Fabulous bitch, tech savvy woman of history, and daughter of the poet Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace, had a posthumous 197th birthday this week! She was the first computer programmer, and already pretty much a genius at seventeen when she first introduced Charles Babbage’s computing machine at a dinner hosted by Mary Somerville. She inspired the “Ada Initiative,” which is an entirely non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women in the tech industry. Lovelace was brilliant, fond of alcohol, and gorgeous to top it all off. She died with the great title Ada King, the Countess of Lovelace. Happy 197th birthday, you wonderful, inspiring woman.

twitter, facebook, instagram, fail whale

Last week, the sad, decline of the relationship between Instagram and Twitter began. However, this has been coming for awhile. With the launch of their “profiles” last month, Instagram started to pull away from the dependency they have on other sites like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram wants you to experience Instagram on their own website. Which is all well and good, and any successful social media site deserves it, but what am I supposed to use?! Twitpic?! I CAN’T GO BACK NOW. Nevertheless, I wish them the best and will probably continue to occasionally use Instagram. But certainly not as much as previously.


Finally, we shall take a look at the obnoxious news that Facebook is possibly using the accounts of dead people, as well as unconsenting live people, to “like” things that they do not actually like. In a recent post on ReadWrite, Bernard Meisler addresses the weird phenomenon of seeing a dead friend like a corporation on Facebook that they would have had nothing to do with in real life, such as vegans liking McDonalds or liberals liking Mitt Romney. Facebook denied anything fishy is going on, saying that these people have probably accidentally liked these things – by maybe pressing the wrong button on their mobile app, for example. Whatever is happening, it’s bullshit.

Anyway, I shall be seeing you all soon with a gift guide. Until then, adeiu!

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