Submit Your Questions Tonight!

You still have time to submit your questions for the Q&A tomorrow! We will read your question out loud and answer it on our YouTube Channel 🙂

Let us know if you want to be anonymous, because otherwise, we are saying names and places!

There are lots of ways to submit your questions:

  • Leave a comment on this post
  • Email with the subject: “Q&A questions”
  • Tweet at us (@NerdyBFlirty) and use the hashtag #NBFQandA (or tweet it to one of our authors with that hashtag)
  • Leave a message on our Facebook wall or send us a message if you prefer your privacy
  • Send a white raven (we are not responsible for any Q&A questions lost due to your poorly-trained birds)

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you have a question for a specific author, mention them by name. The answers will appear in a video on our seldom-used YouTube channel!

5 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions Tonight!

  1. What video game are you most looking forward to getting next year?
    If you if could go anywhere with the Doctor, where/when would you want him to take you? Past? Future? Another planet?
    Kelseyr713- What do you think of The Walking Dead winning Game of the Year at the VGAs? Do you think games as inovative as that will get the spotlight for now on?

  2. Who’s your favorite Final Fantasy Hero and Heroine? Y’all may have already done a blog post on this lol

    Best(or most memorable) video game theme song?

    What male video game character should I model myself after to get all the nerd girls hot and bothered?

  3. 1) What is your voice that you would use to voice act a self-aware Imperial Battleship?
    2) What is your favorite race to be on Skyrim, because I plan to pull the race card on whatever you don’t mention.
    3) This one will take a bit of research beforehand, but who is hotter? Christopher Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan?

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