Lady Gamer for the Month of November: @ButterflySamurai

This month we’re happy to feature Jessica, whose site, Girl in a Cape, is featured on our directory. The twenty-five year old gamer goes by Butterfly Samurai and lives in rural South Carolina, where she works as a freelance journalist.

1. What is your current system of choice?

That’s a hard question! While I love all consoles and often switch between which one I want to play on more, I think my PlayStation 3 is my choice at the moment.

2. What is your favorite game right now and what’s your favorite game of all time?

My favorite game right now is Dishonored. It’s such a great game! My favorite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts II. I love Disney and Square Enix, so when the first one came out, I was so excited. The second one cemented the series’ place in my heart.

3. What was it like being a Frag Doll Cadette?

Being a Frag Doll Cadette was awesome. I felt like (at the time) it was my only way into the gaming industry. Out of the experience, I met a ton of people, with a lot of them becoming true friends. Because I was a Cadette, I finally learned what I wanted to do in life, career-wise.

4. What was it like working for GamingTruth and as a contributor for GamingAngels?

They were wonderful experiences. I was glad to have the opportunity. Writing for GA was everything I wanted, coming out of college as a humanities graduate. Being the community manager for GT allowed me to realize I would like to pursue public relations and management. I did a lot wrong with that position, and want to learn what to do right.

5. Have you ever had to deal with any negative reactions to your race and/or gender as you worked within the gaming community/industry?

Short answer: yes
Long answer: Being a black woman puts me on the bottom of the totem pole. People are afraid to admit it or just want to overlook it, but I know it is true, as I have lived through it. That does not keep me from being optimistic though! When I got the opportunity to go to E3, I had some people tell me I did not deserve to go. It hurt at first, but then I realized they were just jealous.

6. If there was one thing you could change about the gaming community or industry, what would it be?

I think that I would change the attitude that gamers (both male and female) have towards female gamers. It sucks that men have such negative things to say, but it sucks even more that some women are negative towards other women in the industry/community. [EDITOR’S NOTE: We agree! We hope to encourage further dialogue and foster a strong feeling of community with articles like this.]

7. What advice would you give to other ladies looking to work in the games industry?

Don’t sell your soul! Continue to be yourself. You do not have to change to get into this industry, even though that is how it appears. You don’t have to dress a certain way, over-sex your pictures, or do anything that you are not comfortable with.
That’s some great advice! Butterfly Samurai has a wealth of knowledge to share about the industry, and I recommend following her on Twitter and checking out her Facebook page Butterfly Samurai Cosplay for more pics of her costumes and con visits!

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