Mass Effect 3: Omega Review

BioWare released the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 on November 27. The content is about 2 GB, approx $15, and takes roughly four to five hours to play through.

Now, to the fun stuff!

If you’ve played Mass Effect 2, you’re familiar with Aria T’loak and Omega. Omega is a colony built out of an asteroid that has no ruling government or authority. Instead, it has Aria.

Aria is an angry Asari with a sweet tooth for power, even though she isn’t sweet in the least herself. She’s a self-proclaimed “ruler” who keeps everything and everyone in check so that Omega can thrive and be free to live the way they do.

Sometime after Shepard kills the Collector base, Aria is run off of Omega by Cerberus, run by the Illusive Man.

Now, in Mass Effect 3, Aria and Shepard reunite in Purgatory, the hot spot club on the Citadel.


All right, now you’re caught up, so you’re ready to download Omega! You pay your money, install the content on your hard drive, and BAM! You resume your game.


Simply put, Omega is about Aria seeking revenge on a man named Oleg Petrovsky, a Cerberus agent who kicked her out of her throne and took over Omega. Shepard and Aria team up to take back Omega, and all the resources that come with it, so you can build up your war assets and gain more power in your later battle against the Reapers.

Oleg Petrovsky
There isn’t really a lot going on, story-wise, to tell.

You team up with Aria and a local gang leader, Nyreen from the Talons, a blast from Aria’s past who does offer some humor and insight into Aria as well as Omega. Shepard has to make some tough decisions in regards to how far you’re willing to let Aria go in her need for revenge against Cerberus. Essentially, it comes down to “Kill Petrovsky, no matter what!” or “Save the civilians AND try to kill Petrovsky.”

I chose to go the Paragon route, attempting to save as many civilians as I could and preventing Aria from using them as war collateral.



For those of you who remember Omega, you remember a run-down city with a variety of species lurking about. You remember the dancers in Afterlife. The clinic, the overall dirty feel of Omega that made it feel…unique.

Unfortunately, that Omega is gone, and you find yourself running through air tunnels, secret doors, warehouses with no power, dark tunnels, explosions, and fire until you find yourself in the familiar-yet-unfamiliar Afterlife, the command center for Petrovsky.



The whole feel of Omega is still dark, and I’m happy about that. But I would have liked it if we could have revisited some familiar spots that we visited before, or even if we could have reunited with someone we previously met in ME2, like when you save Archangel, or when you recruit Mordin.

However, you go to Omega without your team, so you don’t even get the grace of funny dialogue between your crew.

New Stuff

In Sarah’s awesome post about the trailer for the Omega DLC, she clearly lists out all the new things you can expect! I didn’t find them all, but here’s a good list!


It was okay. In retrospect, I’m not sure I would have spent the money on it with how little you get out of it at the end, but it was pretty good! The graphics are top notch, game performance is perfect, and you get some good stuff in the end to add to your war assets.

There’s not much you get out of it other than that. You can’t return to Omega like you could in ME2, but you can find Aria sitting in Purgatory again after the mission is completed and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a kiss (if you went full renegade and you’re not sweet on anyone).


I was kinda hoping Nyreen would become a squadmate, or that I’d unlock some kind of special power for Shepard, but no.

It’s a great standalone, with some decent resources, but if you’re looking for more of a story with some kind of epic conclusion, you’ll be much happier with the Leviathan DLC.

So, for all of that…

Score: B –

Aria T'loak

“I think I’m going to employ violence. I’m going to rip Omega out of the Illusive Man’s greedy little hands.” –Aria T’loak

6 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3: Omega Review

  1. As someone who has written many a review, the art of a review layout has always been my frenemy (and bitch lover). I have a few suggestions for making this review (and future ones) more aesthetically pleasing. I think having a consistent photo size helps articles read much better. Some of the larger images take away from the text and from the content, I feel. I also think that there is an over use of pictures in this article. For example: the “What’s new” section probably only need one of those pictures.

    However, I understand that pictures help to show off a game And with a game as visually stunning as ME3, you probably want to show some sweet pics. I suggest inserting a photo gallery of your favorite images either in the middle of the review or at the end.

    Those are just a few suggestions from me, take ’em or leave ’em!

    • The images should be fixed now; when I was formatting the article, they looked to be of uniform size. The WordPress photo upload system recently changed a bit, so I am getting used to it again. Thank you for your feedback!

  2. Okay so I feel a couple of things, that A) The DLC is bad and B) That this review really just kind of skims things. The largest problem I had with the DLC is that it just felt like they were going through the motions the entire time. It never felt once like there was something the developers were genuinely excited about and in a world where the people who genuinely care about ME3 finished it a long time ago there’s just no compelling reason to return. You make no mention of the environment in the review. It may be Omega but little of the DLC includes areas that you visited in the second game and the areas that you do visit are only vaguely recognizable. The most inventive part of the whole 3 hours I played was the sequence in which the power was out in an area and you have to navigate dark rooms with your flashlight while an adjutant howls unseen nearby. The adjutants pose no real threat despite the amount they’re talked up beforehand, and the other “new” enemy the upgraded security mechs are essentially reskinned sentinels. There’s little dialogue to speak of and virtually no lore at all despite the massive opportunity to explore more of Omega’s history. Petrovsky was introduced to be the bad guy of the DLC but you for the most part don’t find him actually doing anything more than leading Cerberus troops, a crime that many no name dudes you’ve shot before have done. He’s portrayed as a master strategist but at no point did I feel that he had outsmarted us. The price at 15$ (Which wasn’t mentioned) is far too much for the 2-3 hours worth of content provided, especially given the fact that there’s no real argument in favor of the DLC. In the end you receive a couple of biotic powers and a small boost to your galaxy at war score but in the end most of us are returning to the game specifically for the story the DLC tells and the rewards are effectively meaningless. After the DLC I was left 15$ poorer and with a frown on my face from the disappointing climax. Your review really doesn’t cover any part of the content in any meaningful way and reads like an elementary school book report written by a child who only read the cliff notes. You state a couple of opinions but make no arguments as to why we should care or feel the same way as you. It’s a DLC I would give a 2/5 at best and a review that I hope you can improve on.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I will just say that Jess had to review this with a VERY quick turnaround after LOSING her save files because I fell ill and was unable to review it as planned. She powered through to get this done on deadline and I do take offense that you say it sounds like it was “written by a child who only read the cliff notes”. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome and you had some great points in your comments, and I hope you continue to comment, but please do keep in mind that Jess is just as human as you, and as such she has feelings. That sentence would have been just as helpful to her without that part, and I hope you will take that sort of thing into consideration the next time you disagree with a review 🙂

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