A Guide to the Dragon Age Comics

Eagerly awaiting Dragon Age III? Why not check out the Dragon Age comics in the meantime? They’re great fun and the art isn’t bad at all. Below is a guide to the different Dragon Age series, ’cause I know you really wanted one. 😉

Dragon Age

The Dragon Age comic was a monthly publication written by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, with art by Humberto Ramos and Mark Robinson. A total of six issues were published by IDW Publishing, and the series was available in both print and digital forms.

The first Dragon Age comics are about a young female mage named Gleam. I love this series because of the bittersweet storyline and the fact that the main character looks so cool with her dark skin, silver hair, and light eyes. Though the storytelling isn’t as great as the later series, it is still an enjoyable series, and I recommend checking it out!

The Silent Grove

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is a digital comic series by BioWare and Dark Horse Comics. It is written by Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider and illustrated by Chad Hardin. The six-part comic series was released biweekly, starting February 22, 2012.

The Silent Grove focuses on Alistair and his search for his father. Along for the ride are Varric and Isabela from Dragon Age II, snarkily joining a king on what they feel is a fool’s errand. Need I say more?

Having read all of Gaider’s Dragon Age novels, I was really excited to see King Maric’s mystery finally unraveled. Of course, Gaider had other plans for the mystery. -_-

Those Who Speak

Dragon Age: Those Who Speak is a three-part comic series by BioWare and Dark Horse Comics. It is written by Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider and the senior writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Alexander Freed.

It also features a female Qunari! ❤

A continuation of the storyline from The Silent Grove, this series focuses mostly on the viewpoint of Isabela, the pirate queen. There is also an AWESOME cameo from a party member from the first Dragon Age. Don’t be put off by Isabela’s outfit in the first comic…she is trying to dress fancy. She quickly goes back to her normal outfit.

Until We Sleep

The upcoming Until We Sleep will finish the comic series trilogy, focusing on Varric’s point of view. Be prepared for a trip to the Fade, since Gaider made a mention of “dreams” in a panel at NYCC (and…you know…it’s called Until We Sleep).

I spoke with Gaider at the SDCC, and he mentioned that he was probably going to stick to writing comics as opposed to writing any more Dragon Age novels, so hopefully this third series doesn’t mark the end of his comic forays.

What are some other comic series based on video games that you like?

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