Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Sneak Peek

So I had a few minutes to sit down and take a peek at the upcoming Mass Effect anime, Paragon Lost. I first heard about the movie at San Diego Comic Con, when I happened to snag a movie poster for it. Needless to say, I was pretty psyched.

Unfortunately, this sneak peek kind of deflated my high hopes. And I’m not alone; one has only to read the comments to see that my feeling of disappointment is shared.

I think it is a combination of the cheesy music, stereotypical plot, and boring animation. This cartoon would have done great in the eighties. I mean seriously… “Okay…let’s dance!” has not been said in enough shootouts yet? We haven’t reached that quota? As far as animation, I would never have figured out that character was Vega if they didn’t specifically call him by his name; they all look so cookie-cutter. Oh, and speaking of Vega: why? Out of all of the well-loved or at least interesting characters, they chose jar head James?

Combine this with the horror that was Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, and I’m forced to believe that BioWare needs to stop partnering with outside sources to create movies. How can a company that creates such amazing stories for video games not be able to do the same for a cartoon?

I was speaking with a friend who reminded me that the Homeworlds series was pretty boring as well. I managed to convince him to check out Invasion, which was much better, but it’s simply another demonstration that BioWare seems unable to recreate their success in storytelling through any other media.

Check out the preview below. What do you think?

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