Last-Minute Halloween Costume Tips

Halloween is tomorrow, and if you don’t have your costume already, you’re about out of time. Maybe you are thinking about the pre-packaged costumes that may still be hanging up on the shelves. That is always an option, but what if you want to stand out a little more?

Fear not, because there are a few options that can be accomplished via affordable chain stores and even your own closet. It just takes a little thought and creativity!

First, think about some of your favorite characters and consider what they wear. There are some characters, such as  Connor from Assassin’s Creed III, that may be a bit harder to pull off if you didn’t start well ahead of time (though they do have prepackaged costumes for Assassin’s Creed that look pretty decent, but if you didn’t order it online and it’s not local, well, there goes that option!) but there are other characters that are far simpler to pull off.

Consider Jill Valentine:

Her outfit overall really isn’t that complicated. Check your closet to see if you have any of these simple pieces! It’s just a blue tube top, white sweater (could use a white pullover instead), black mini-skirt, and brown boots. Find a toy gun at a toy store or a Halloween store. For hair, if you do not already have a bob, running to the Halloween stores to find a wig or using to find your local beauty store will do the trick. If you don’t have some or all of the clothing items in your closet, consider the items below that can be had from Forever 21 and Target (in the instance of the tank, just tuck in the straps to get the tube top look):

Jill Valentine

Most of the chain stores such as those listed, or places like Express, Old Navy, Sears, and so on, have basics that can easily be turned into a costume!

Other characters with solid and relatively simple outfits that you can easily make happen via your closet or a quick trip to a clothing store (and a toy store for props!):

Jade from Beyond Good and Evil

Lara Croft

Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2

And don’t forget Rule 63: “For every fictional character, there exists a counterpart of opposite gender.” Think about this when trying to decide on a video game character. You don’t have to limit yourself! Consider pulling from movies and comics too.

What inspired this post was my direct experience with needing a Halloween costume quick. Vertical black and white stripes are in fashion right now, it seems, so I picked up a blazer and leggings in that pattern, already had a plain white tank, got a cheap black tie, had the collar, found a white wig (easily had at a Halloween store), grabbed some green hair spray dye to dirty the wig up a bit, grabbed white and green face paint (also easily had at a Halloween store or even the local CVS at this time of year), used some purple eyeshadow I already owned, and voila, Rule 63 Beetlejuice:

I then accidentally left my wig at a friend’s and had another night of Halloween fun, so I tried spraying my hair green for Beetlejuice. Instead of Beetlejuice, I was looking a lot like someone else, and I only had an hour before having to leave the house. So I searched in my closet and found similar colors that would create enough visual connection in order to be:

Rule 63 Joker!

Use these tips, stay creative, and make it work. That’s part of the fun! Hope this helps some of our fellow procrastinators. Happy Halloween!

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