Dragon Age III Confirmed Human Protagonist and First Look at Concept Art

Mike Laidlaw confirmed the news of a human protagonist for DAIII on Twitter, though he didn’t seem too happy about it. I share his sadness about it, as playing a lovely female Qunari-gone-rogue-warrior would have been a dream come true for me. :/ I’m guessing that the decision was again made for the sake of voiced characters. As I predicted.

Sorry, for those who love elves and dwarves, but long term I’d like to see all four races playable. Future plans!

Today, I confirmed that DAIII’s hero will be human, with varied, detailed backgrounds. Largely, for story reasons, but also customization.

Concept Art for Dragon Age III

2 thoughts on “Dragon Age III Confirmed Human Protagonist and First Look at Concept Art

  1. Definitely cautiously optimistic at this point. I loved Origins, have mixed feelings about II. Then with the news about the human only character? I tend to play as human regardless but having the option to play as other races typically means that I will playthrough a game 3-4 times if not more. Guess we’ll see how it goes!

    • I had mostly negative feelings about DA2 lol as I mentioned in NUMEROUS blog posts. I prefer to play as an elf (and would loooove to play as a qunari) so the news was disappointing, though not unexpected. That’s why I’m cautioning ppl who are hopeful that ME4 will have a choice of alien characters. They just dont think it’s worth doing all the extra voice work. I am hopeful about the fact that the character will have different backgrounds depending on what we pick… that sounds closer to what I liked about Origin and may create a need for multiple play-throughs. Fingers crossed!

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