BioWare Says Goodbye to Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk

Bioware Founders

After twenty years, the co-founders of BioWare are leaving to chase down bigger things. Namely, retirement and doing less stressful things than dealing with Mass Effect fans.

The two friends went to medical school together and worked in an ER before deciding that, “Sure, we should start a video game company!” And so they did. And brought us amazing games like Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Mass Effect. 

Ray Muzyka’s blog about his departure states he is going to go off and do some boring stuff involving entrepreneurship. And Greg Zeschuk’s plans sound much more interesting, and involve a lot of really good beer.

In related BioWare news, new DLC was announced for later this fall. Omega will be added to the single-player game experience. And with a title like that, if we are not taking back Omega with Aria, I will riot in the streets by myself. Which, admittedly, would be a really crappy riot, and the neighbors would just call the cops on me.


2 thoughts on “BioWare Says Goodbye to Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk

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