District 187 Beta Key Giveaway

District 187 Concept Art

District 187: Sin Streets, the free-to-play, online FPS for the PC, has entered closed beta, and we want to give you access. Check out our giveaway page on Facebook for all the ways to enter. Current contest closes at midnight tonight.

Set in the near-future, District 187 from CJ Games breaks from the glut of military shooters to instead present a gritty urban war.


  • Be part of a clan fighting for control of the city. Each area you control gives you fame, weapons, mods, in-game gold, and the chance for real-world currency
  • A unique S.W.A.T. vs gangster backstory
  • A gun modification system
  • Multiple game modes, including Death Match, Bomb Mode (teams compete to either set or defuse a bomb, and Scramble Mode (a CTF style match)

If you’re getting bored with the traditional warfare games, the different setting and challenge of District 187 is worth trying out.

Sign up for the beta today!

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