Update! SEGA Doesn’t Tease Sonic Adventure 3 After All

Rumors have been running rampant as of late concerning the possiblity of a third installment in the Sonic Adventure series.

SEGA knows this.

So they put out a little video to address the rumors concerning SA3.

One of my favorite jokes ever. That’s SEGA of America’s Assistant Product Marketing Manager, Ken Balough, going under the brilliant guise of “Ben Kalough from SEGA of Antarctica.”

There’s a ton of little in-jokes for Sonic fans, but the two big questions here are: will there actually be a Sonic Advance HD Collection and, for the love of God, ARE YOU MAKING SONIC ADVENTURE 3?!

Update: I was wrong!

It was *not* Ken Balough in the guise of Ben Kalough. It’s actually a YouTuber who goes under the name of SegaSky. He’s known to release parody videos making fun of various Sega games.

Therefore, this is NOT an a joke from Sega, and not an official hint at Sonic Adventure 3. Like many swept up in the fervor, I was fooled. Apologies for the confusion.

That being said, there are still rumors abuzz concerning Sonic Adventure 3, and other factors do hint at the existence of the game.

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