Meowington’s Headphones: $1,000 for a Happy Cat

Have you ever thought to yourself that you weren’t quite weird enough? Have you ever wondered what could complete your eccentricities? Do you also love cats?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then have I got the accessory for you! Cat headphones. Yep. Headphones for cats.

Invented by electronics company Sol Republic for electro-house producer/DJ Deadmau5’s cat, Professor Meowingtons pHD, they’re small (cat-sized) and adjustable for any size cat. And they’re specially made for cat ears, because we want our cats to enjoy music too.

Each pair of Meowington’s headphones went for $999, and Sol Republic has already sold all ten that they made.

Seth Combs, CEO of Sol Republic, says, “We had to change the housing to accommodate the unique shape of cat ears and to reduce output for sensitivity. They also have a mic and remote, but I don’t envision many cats using that functionality.”

meowingtons headphones

According to Mashable, the design is based on Sol Republic’s Tracks on-ear headphones and utilizes the technology of Amps in-ear headphones. These are some seriously kickin’ ‘phones.

If you’ve ever spoken to me for longer than five minutes, I can almost guarantee I’ve said something about cats. I love cats and I love music, but there’s no way I’m picking up Meowington’s headphones.

I think the only cat-lover crazy enough for a pair of these is Selina Kyle. And she wouldn’t even pay.

But at least Sol Republic is donating the proceeds to the ASPCA.

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