Girl Geeks Are Great, Except When They’re Not:
 My Opinion on “Fake” Geek Girls

The world is pretty up in arms over fake geek girls these days. They dress up “sexily” and “scantily” and take pictures of themselves or show up at conventions and SULLY THE GREAT NAME OF GEEK.

geek power

People are upset because they fear the sanctuary of geek culture is being threatened by these posers who get cheap thrills by flashing skin and smiles, by being the most attractive girl around. The problem isn’t that they’re pretty, it’s that they aren’t geeks. They’re impostors with nefarious intentions.

The perfect girl geek, Felicia Day:

In the inflammatory and controversial Booth Babes Need Not Apply,” Joe Peacock touts Felicia Day as an example of a real geek.

Felicia Day

Because she’s pretty, she spends money on geek things, she creates geeky things, and, “The fact that she chooses geeky avenues to focus those interests? That makes her a geek.” So it’s okay to be a girl geek if you’re hot and spend tons of money on being a geek?

I’m broke, so I try to avoid spending money on geek stuff. Does that make me a poser?

I don’t create new things to add to Geekdom, so I can’t like geeky things anymore?

Joe Peacock is coming across as quite the geek elitist. Live and let geek, man!

(Editor’s note: Felicia has said that she’s tired of being used as the example of geekiness all the time.)

Phony support of lady geeks:

Mr. Peacock makes it seem like he doesn’t approve of these “fake geeks” because they are lewd and unsavory and tasteless. Real geek girls are intelligent and real and beautiful; I believe he uses the word “stunning” about  sixteen million times (a rough estimate). And yet he contradicts himself at every turn.

Girls are great until they do…something. (I still can’t figure out what we did wrong.) Women are at fault for giving men what they want. If a girl wears a cut-off shirt or a Leia slave bikini or dresses up like Poison Ivy from Batman (who is sexy, by the way), she DESERVES to be the recipient of vulgar comments, and stares, and derogatory remarks. Because she should know what she’s getting into, she’s asking for it, and men can’t help themselves.

Are you kidding me?

Quite frankly, I’m hugely disappointed by this sentiment. I thought that we were getting better about this as a society. More people than ever before won’t blame a rape victim because of her outfit. Although, unfortunately, lots of people still will. And it’s this attitude that is so glaringly obvious in the lady-bashing of these “fake” geek girls. It’s an attitude that is demeaning to both men and women.

This attitude says:

Ladies! You can never get dressed up and have fun because you will instantly transform into a dirty whore! You better care what people say about you and obey!

Gentlemen! If there is a beautiful girl around you, you must ogle her and think whatever thoughts pop up, because you are male and you have a penis! What else could you do?!

Did I mention that this article was posted on CNN?


This attitude means we are helpless. That we all fall into one lump category. The penises and the vaginas…okay, and boobs.


Geekdom isn’t very category friendly: games, TV shows, cosplay, books, sci-fi, fantasy, Star Trek vs Wars, Minecraft, Zelda, Sonic the ever-loving Hedgehog! SO MANY CHOICES!

I typed “geek” into Google and found this: “A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest.” Whoa! A human person? With eccentric devotion?! To ANY interest?! That sounds pretty open-ended to me.

So, whatever it is you like, you can be geeky about it. Even if that means only dressing up like sexy geek-esque characters.

Policing geek:

Is it even possible to define or monitor the word “geek”? If we go by this guy’s definition, I’m not a true geek. Sure, I can describe in-depth the story arc of the Star Wars Extended Universe (especially if it’s the New Jedi Order or Legacy Era). I can give the physical characteristics of the Chiss (humanoid with blue skin and red eyes) and tell you about the torture/enlightenment tactics of the Yuuzhan Vong. But even within my realm of expertise, I don’t know much about the Old Republic, and I can only name four or five bounty hunters.

I don’t have a Star Wars cave in my basement.

Am I not a real geek?

Do I not deserve to be with other geeks and enjoy myself however I want? I think I do. Because no geek’s geekdom is the same. We might love different aspects of a game, even opposing sides. But we still love the core of what it is.

For me, being a geek means loving something wholeheartedly. Even the ridiculous parts that make you cringe and say “WHY?!?!?!” (*ahem* George Lucas!)

Jar Jar Binks

It means loving those things because they make you happy. Because some part of you will always light up like a four year old when you see, hear, read, or wear it.

So deck yourself out in black leather and cat ears or a slave bikini and chains. Or wear nothing but an Xbox controller or two, if that’s what you consider a fun, geeky outfit. I’m not threatened by you.

If you don’t want to wear clothes, whatever.

Reader Boy

Have fun.

Geek out.

P.S. – You can read Joe Peacock’s apology/explanation post here.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Girl Geeks Are Great, Except When They’re Not:
 My Opinion on “Fake” Geek Girls

  1. I hate that! I’m glad you found my post to be suitable rage fuel. I’m always a fan of righteous anger. Especially about these type things. The skepticism about all of it is the worst.

  2. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Geek elitists frustrate the hell out of me. I was at Comic Con and the host of the show asked for everyone in cosplay to come up for a cosplay contest. When we got on stage, he started asking us comic book trivia instead! None of us were able to answer him lol… we were all so niche! (oh PS: there was an even split of male and female cosplayers onstage if that matters). Once, I told a guy I loved video games and he scoffed and asked me if I knew what MMORPG stood for. He QUIZZED me. Did he do that to other guys he met who said the same thing? Nope. I happened to know the answer, but I am actually a console player so even if I didnt it shouldnt have affected my “geek status”. Anyhoo this brings the Rebel Rant to a close. *bows*

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