Mass Effect Extended Cut DLC coming June 26th!

BioWare has just announced that the much-anticipated Extended Cut DLC will be released this coming Tuesday, the 26th.

Can you say hallelujah? I can’t wait to see “the rest of the story.” Am I worried? Of course I am! But I’m going to get it anyway because it’s free and because I have an insatiable lust for more Mass Effect content. I will withhold all judgement until I see it for myself. And as they said: “you can’t please everyone.” We have to be realistic with our expectations, dears.

There is also an interview with Casey Hudson, Mac Walters, and Jessica Merizan:

Listening to this, it does feel like they understand what we were upset about. He specifically said it will include epilogues for the characters and will expound upon what happened.

Now I just want to say that no, I did not want a game that explains every little detail to me. As I mentioned before, I would have been fine with the ending the way it was if it had the epilogue scenes, like they did for Dragon Age: Origins. In other words, if they are being honest in this interview, I should get exactly what I wanted from the ending.

Also, they specifically mention that this Extended Cut will change based on the decisions you made, so you can go through and have multiple playthroughs and watch the new content change based on your decisions.

No fix for the other problems with the game, like Thane getting thrown under the bus as far as dialogue choices go. >_> *gripes*

Tell us what you think!

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