Okami HD heading to PS3 this Fall!

First Legend of Dragoon, and now this? Fall is going to be a time of empty pockets and busy hands for me, I see.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Okami will be released in HD this fall, exclusively on PS3 and with Move support. The beautiful, painted art style is left in place, just spruced up into the HD range.

As you may have guessed, the Move will serve as your Celestial Brush if you have it. Thankfully, the game will still work with the normal controller if you’re like me and don’t have enough room in your tiny apartment for waving your arms about.

AND (buh duh duh duuuuum) Okami HD will have TROPHIES! In other words: I’m about to be trophied out. Accordingly, this means there will be new challenges to gain those trophies, so that’s exciting. I never did beat that wolf in the race to get the final sacred bead. :/

Anyhoo: AWOOOOOOOOOOO! Between Borderlands 2, Tekken Tag 2, Legend of Dragoon (which I haven’t even had time to touch), and the ending DLC for ME3, I may not have time for work. xD

2 thoughts on “Okami HD heading to PS3 this Fall!

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