Bubble Punch Knocked Me Out!

Photo Courtesy of Snap Yourself. facebook.com/snapyourself

This weekend, I had the privilege to attend Super*Market, a Bubble Punch event held at Meltdown Comics. The Super*Market gathers all of the most awesome nerd gear in So Cal…and not just any old nerd gear: vendors specialize in the bright, geeky, girl-friendly, and super unique. The event also featured delicious refreshments and live entertainment from both the DJ team at Tune In Tokyo, Nylon Pink, and from the lady nerds at Defective Geeks.

When I entered the Super*Market, a riot of colors, mostly pink and mostly bright, greeted me. Vendors sold everything from custom jewelry, custom clothes, and even items straight from Japan.

I made a beeline for my dear friend Mandie’s Geeky Glamorous table so I could finally purchase one of those awesome necklaces! Mandie shared a table with Jon of Ogeeku, who made me sincerely wish I hadn’t given myself a spending limit! His old-school Gameboy cartridge necklaces and 8-bit bows were perfect. I shall save up and get them online in a few weeks! My fave was the Chun-Li one, of course.

Jon and Mandie of Ogeeku and Geeky Glamorous.

With eight dollars left on my budget, I scoped the event for the best deal possible. In the end, there could be only one: Hello Kitty sunglasses from DokiDoki Delights!

One of my other favorite tables was the Castle Corsetry table. These ladies had Star Wars and comic book corsets as well as costumes (SUCH AS SHE-RA, OMG) for sale. She takes down payments, so that’s another item (or two) on my list!

Castle Corsetry’s booth

The other vendors included:

At one of my favorite tables (great stuff for super cheap!), the Bubble Punch table itself, I entered a raffle on a whim. I never win raffles.

Well silly me, ‘cuz I sure won the raffle!

Interestingly my ex-roommate, Ashi-Chan (who you may remember from The Tester season three) won a prize right before me. I won a Hello Kitty belt buckle, and she won a Hello Kitty Necklace. She tried to convince me to trade, of course. NOPE!

The lovely Ashi Chan.

I hope they have another event like this soon!

My haul: Hello Kitty belt buckle and glasses, plus Geeky Glamorous controller necklace.

Missed the event, but wish you didn’t? You can watch the ENTIRE THING right here!

 Keep an eye out for the back of my head!

Photo Gallery

The display at Meltdown Comics.

Photo courtsey of Snap Yourself

Oh, my stars. *swoon*

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