DJ Lazy Rich…likes video games!

So, as a few of you may be aware, I’m always on a little site called Thursday, hosted an online party featuring a chance to have all your questions answered by DJ Lazy Rich.

Lazy Rich is a UK native and a resident of Canada who is credited for being a pioneer in ‘complextro’, a cutting-edge sound on the forefront of the electronic music evolution. He’s done remix work for such musical icons as Lady Gaga, Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5, Chris Lake, Morgan Page, Zedd, Porter Robinson, X-Press-2, and many more, while collaborating on tracks with Chris Lake and Porter Robinson.

So what’s a girl to do? Ask about video games of course!

It turns out that Lazy Rich plays as often as he’s able, and prefers the Wii over PS3 or Xbox 360 (egad!). The most recent game he played/is playing is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and his favorite game of all time is Super Metroid.

Another funny tidbit about the crowd: a huge number of users are actually Minecraft players, and there are a few rooms that are dedicated Minecraft player rooms! Crazy how games and music always seem to go together.

I’m curious if anyone knows of any other tie-ins between music sites and gaming culture.

More about Lazy Rich.

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