What Old Game Would You Like to See Brought Into The Future?

After I wrote about White Knight Chronicles II, I got to thinking about the fact that they basically redid the first one and added it to the game.

That got me thinking about how they re-released Mass Effect 2 so that it could be played on the PS3, and the many revamps of the old but addictive structure of Super Mario Bros.

What are some games that you would like to see a new version of? Would you want it to just be a 2011 update, or would you want a sequel?

I know that I would want a sequel or prequel to Legend of Dragoon! A small, selfish part of me would also be pleased with a new War Gods. XD

These graphics… *shudders*

Sound off! I’m seriously curious now.

23 thoughts on “What Old Game Would You Like to See Brought Into The Future?

  1. Here are the comments so far from Twitter (aka ppl who cant follow directions >:0):

    @Vishyyy Streets of Rage!!!!!

    @richard4481 Desert Strike 🙂

    @thelazyone78 intelligent cube and nightmare creatures

    @DesiireRenee Zombies ate my neighbors

    @andrew_stahl I’d love to see Jumping Flash, the RPG-style Shadowruns, Ape Escape, and Wing Commander remade or new sequels.

    @SabirahG vectorman!

  2. Faxanadu.
    Friday the 13th. Okay, that one would require some explaining, but I’ll do it later.
    Goonies 2.
    Bladestorm. It’s kind of new (current gen) but I’d love to see that kind of gameplay explored more.

  3. If George Lucas is dumb enough to re-re-release Star Wars in 3D, he needs to be smart enough to re-release X-Wing and Tie Fighter.

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