More Info About the New Dragon Age Novel

Just found out a little more information on the novel. It will take place in the world of Dragon Age II, which makes me a little sad, because I was hoping for more Ferelden stories. I loved the first two novels and the character of Maric, but they have to keep it moving with the franchise, I suppose!

This news also makes me think that we will continue to get these teaser-novels every time a new game is released, as opposed to Gaider actually seriously working on a series. 😦 Ah well, he is pretty busy.


“A mystical killer stalks the halls of the White Spire, the heart of templar power in the mighty Orlesian Empire. To prove his innocence, Adrian reluctantly embarks on a journey into the western wastelands that will not only reveal much more than he bargained for, but change the fate of his fellow mages forever.”

I’m feeling like Flemeth will make another appearance. I wish she would answer the question raised in the other novels…

BUT, I like Gaider, and I liked the first two novels, so I will try to be brave and trust that I will still enjoy the story! Hopefully it answers at least one of the numerous mysteries in DAII.

FYI: David Gaider

For those of you (those few) who don’t know who I’m talking about, here is some info on my favorite guy at Bioware:

David Gaider lives in Edmonton, Alberta, and is a Senior Writer at BioWare’s Edmonton studio, where he has worked since 1999. He was the Lead Writer on Dragon Age and Dragon Age II,  responsible for story and setting design, and prior to that worked on Baldur’s Gate II, Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Neverwinter Nights and its expansions

Check out my previous post for a link to the interviews with Gaider.

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