Mass Effect 3 Demo- 3rd Person Shooter?!

He will be shot. On sight.

IGN got their hands on a ME3 demo.

Hang on while I hold back my envy.

Anyhoo, the article focuses on combat, suggesting that it has been tightened up and is much less clunky. I personally always found the fighting mechanic to be strange and rather haphazard, so it feels good to know it wasn’t just me.

On the other hand, the author seems to be suggesting that ME failed as a shooter and now it’s much better.

“Wait, so they are turning this game into a real shooter? Because then I wouldn’t like it,” is my general reaction to that.

I personally don’t like shooters (except Borderlands) and I’m pretty sure I only like ME because it is more of an RPG than a shooter.

The bottom line is that this is just one report of someone who has played the demo, and I refuse to get nervous until more reports pour in.

What do you think about the combat in ME and ME2? What do you think about the changes mentioned in the demo?

For more info about ME3, check out my previous post.

2 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Demo- 3rd Person Shooter?!

  1. I.. uh, don’t think they should change it. Clunky? They’re running around in big weird armor. It should be clunky. I don’t like change.
    But it will be great I’m sure. Just great. Mmmyeah great.

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