Dungeon Siege III

Just found out (yes, I know I’m late) about a game coming out soon that seems to be right up my alley! My Amazon newsletter hipped me to it, of all things.

The game is Dungeon Siege III, and it is an action/RPG that will be released June 21st  for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


I looked up Dungeon Siege as a whole, and wikipedia has a very comprehensive article on the first ones. It was a computer game released in 2002. The second Dungeon Siege (not counting expansion packs) came out in 2005. The first sounds too hack-‘n’-slash for me, but I might look around for a cheap copy and try it or the second one out. The second is described as having improved this system. I really like the sound of the multiplayer aspect as well.

The Game

  • The original creator of Dungeon Siege will serve as an adviser during development.
  • First of the series to be published by Square Enix after it acquired full ownership of the franchise.
  • Play alone or in co-op multiplayer.

The Plot

  • Takes place in the Kingdom of Ehb.
  • Focuses on the 10th Legion – a group that has been hunted to near-extinction.
  • Lucas Montbarron is the last of a noble line (of course). He is the melee warrior.
  • Anjali is a magical lady-creature who can fight as a human with a spear or with blazing fire as her magical archon self.
  • Basically, it appears you need to rebuild the Legion to once again fight an ancient evil (Wardens from DA:O, anyone?).

What I love

  • Customizable is always my favorite word to hear in a game description.
  • The covers of the games always have women on them. And in the first two, the woman is front and center! How progressive. 🙂
  • From what I can see, the female character is not relegated to the traditional “healer” role of a female in games like this. She has the ability both to use offensive “magic” and a spear, which is a relief. I really hate all these useless female fighters in animes, mangas, and games that are just healers (examples off the top of my head: Enslaved, Knight’s Contract, Prince of Persia, etc.). Where are the male healer and women warrior combos hiding?
  • The story of rebuilding something that used to fight old evil because the old evil has returned is tried and true. I don’t have a problem with it since I love feeling like an epic hero, not an errand girl (STILL looking at you, Dragon Age II).


I’m getting this game! I have been longing for a new RPG, and this seems like my kind of game. Hopefully the PSN will be back up by then so I can enjoy the multiplayer!

Personally, I find few things more satisfying (cheese is one of those things) than an RPG with an online component. Only thing better would be co-op where three friends could come over and make up a four person team with you…I mean, we have the technology… (looking at you, Little Big Planet).

As long as I get to be the strong warrior lady, I’m a happy camper. 😉

Video of the gameplay after the jump.

5 thoughts on “Dungeon Siege III

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  2. Whoa son.. you are totally late to this game. I played the first one back in the middle school… and it was so amazing. I literally spent a good year playing it and enjoyed it. It was a very sophisticated hack and slash, with great multi-player to boot. It involved a ton of mini-quests and great environments and nasty spells. Practically no back story, the developers were pretty honest with what they wanted you to experience. A 50 hour game of you running around and beating the crap out of everyone. Looks like DS3 has changed to challenge bioware.
    Here is some game video:


    • Thanks that helps! I am a little more about the story but at the same time dungeon crawling can be addictive! Thanks for the video, makes me feel even better about searching for a used copy of the first one!

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