Heavenly Sword Sequel?

I’m glad no one was around when I read this, because my face probably would have been priceless!

Playstation Lifestyle reports: “According to the latest issue of the UK PlayStation Magazine, PlayGamer, the sequel is in development and takes place 10 years after the events of the first game.”

What’s New?

  • Ten years later…this could be the story of Kai since Nariko died at the end.
  • Ninja Theory continues to deny that they are making a sequel (since they “moved on,” leaving us hanging with the first story in a trilogy, for gosh sakes) so it may be a new developer.
  • Weapon will not be available from the start. You have to earn it.
  • Open-world sandbox with re-playable missions.


I’m so excited! I truly loved Heavenly Sword, and I think it was the first game I played on the PS3. Since then, I’ve never seen another game take as much advantage of the Sixaxis controller, so I remain impressed.

The main character was also my heart’s desire in a video game character. A strong, non-Caucasian female with a BIG GIANT SWORD. In fact, the short stories I write (yeah I write short stories…surprised?) have a character with the same skin tone, hair color, and overall badassery. What is funny is that I created that character back in middle school, so it really did seem to be a game made just for me.

My biggest problem was that the ending was such a cliffhanger. Here she is, in “heaven” telling a story…but you don’t really know why…why was she so cursed if she was the savior?

I hope we get some answers and I hope this new open-world sandbox format doesn’t ruin it…because it just seems so different from the original.

Heck, I hope the rumor is even true! Guess we’ll find out at E3!

Did I mention how much in love with her I am?

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