Mass Effect 3 Update

Detailed, though at times confusing, update on ME3 by WCCFtech

SPOILERific as usual.

Old News

New News

  • Tali is confirmed as a squadmate.
  • No new romance options (so only the ones from ME1 and ME2).
  • Wrex is probably not a squadmate.
  • Powers will combine (possibly like in DAII?).
  • Cerberus is working with the Reapers.
  • Enemies sound REALLY annoying to kill (for example, they draw strength from other dead creatures around them).

Ah. That’s better.

4 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Update

    • lol well you know if you go to China Jesus and Mary are chinese people and in africa they’re black etc. People say Hercules was 10 feet tall and jank. Throughout history people make hero look the way they want them to look. And I dont really care how they explain it, I’m just happy to have my main character look a little more relatable.

    • Hey. I will take what I can get. Even Dragon Age 2 had some Lady Hawke pictures for us ladies. This whole BroShep thing is really annoying. So I am happy about this picture. If it bothers you, make a better one (use my FemShep because she’s sexy).

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