PS3 vs Xbox 360: Girl Gamers What Do You Think? (I guess guys can chime in too)

So, like many other gamers, gals and guys, I am questioning my PS3 loyalty. I love my PS3 (it nearly died once, but I brought it back to life with CPR…I kid you not, it works fine now) but I also own an Xbox 360.

What do I think?

Now, my Xbox 360 gets almost NO love from me, because I would have to take five seconds to unhook the PS3 and hook the Xbox up. I also didn’t like the thought of paying for online access, (I mean…I don’t even pay for my internet in the apartment!) so I don’t have an Xbox Live account.

And, of course, there is the issue with the hands…

My small, lady hands.

Now, this is not to say my hands are weak. I boxed in some form or fashion for many years of my life. But…they are small. And the Xbox 360 controller is not. Not at all.

In fact, the size of the controller, more than anything else, has always been the reason I stuck with PS3. The only reason I even have an Xbox 360 is that my good friend was selling it and like forty games plus the controller, remote, headset, etc. for a RIDICULOUSLY low price, and I just couldn’t pass up on that deal (actually made my money back AND paid for Dragon Age II by selling most of the games).

Bottom Line

I guess, for once, I have no bottom line. If the PSN doesn’t come back up soon, I may start to lose patience and just make the switch. On the other hand, I have plenty of non-online games for my PS3 and, as I mentioned, prefer the controller. Interestingly enough, before the PSN crisis, I was considering selling the Xbox 360. Now I’m holding onto it to see what develops.

What do you think?

So ladies, I want to know if I am the only one who will stay loyal to PSN for the size of those wonderful controllers.

Which console do you prefer? Why? Does the PSN system being down make you want to switch? Have you switched?

I appreciate your feedback!

26 thoughts on “PS3 vs Xbox 360: Girl Gamers What Do You Think? (I guess guys can chime in too)

  1. I’m a girl and its Xbox all the way for me 😉 I love Xbox, can’t get enough off it. Nothing’s better than kickin ass on halo 4.

  2. PS3 FO EVA! It’s legit the best entertainment system I’ve played on other than my laptop, I know this is probably completely opinionated and bias 😀 BUT who cares!? … I don’t. Free online compared to pay2play online? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? FREE vs PAY for almost the same thing? Yo, ps3 the best 😀 I’ve never been wrong yet in my life, although it’s likely soon to happen by 2012.

  3. X360’s a true gamer machine. Why? It’s a new home for Japanese shooters (shmups). I think it’s the main resaon to just stick with the Ms console.

  4. Yeah, but this year we are not exactly going to be short of good games, and as you said people are actually happy about it, and so am I 🙂 Though I think next year will be even greater! On the hand thing, hehe, I love the ps3 controller,small controllers are the best! The wii controller is actually awesome, since it’s small and you can have the joystick in one hand and the controller in the other. joystick ftw!

    • LOL I had two other people mention the Wii controller on twitter, so you’re not alone with the Wii love! I have often thought of getting one, but right now I dont have enough room to move my arms around LOL

  5. I say do it. You can only really be a serious gamer if you hit both consoles. Hehe, kidding. In all seriousness, they’re different. PS3 (which I love) has excellent exclusives, bluetooth headsets (its nice to pick your own), bluray and generally plays music and movies in surround sound much better than the 360. However, the 360 has a nifty thing called cross game chat, which is nice if you want to be a little social. The controller takes some getting used to, but after an hour or two you’ll be fine. Check out for an XBL card. You’ll save $20/year by buying it through them. A lot of people will say that the 360 has a more active community online too. I don’t really agree with that though. Most active gamers just sit in party’s and don’t communicate with others which is sort of counter-productive to the whole “more active community” mantra. Also, the d’pad sucks. Just pick up the silver xbox 360 controller. It has a special d’pad that switches between the xbox circle and the plus symbol found on the ol’ Nintendo boxes.

  6. I prefer the Xbox controller over the dualshock 3 even though the D-pad on the Xbox controller is worthless. I overall play the PS3 more. It’s probably because I got it first and already had a library of games before I got the 360. Even so I do prefer the online functionality of the 360 (cross game chat is handier than Sony would like to admit).
    I’ve had gold but decided not to re-up my subscription because… well I really couldn’t justify the cost when I’d only play online with my Bro-in-law and I already had free online play with the PSN. On top of that, most of my RL friends own a PS3 so I can play online with them.
    This whole PSN debacle has definitely frustrated me but I won’t switch because of it… Well you already know that my 360 is out of commission anyway but we won’t get into that.
    Right now I’m just having a lot of fun catching up on solo trophies. I’m going to get a substantial boost in my PSN ID trophy score when we all can log back on and sync up trophies 🙂

  7. I own and play both, although I play my PS3 considerably more, mostly because I had it first and my favorite games are on it. I get your controller-size issue, my abnormally tiny girlie hands are in the same boat.

    However, ever since the PSN outage, I’ve been playing Xbox quite a bit and….I’m starting to like it more, despite the now constant hand-aches. The online is better, and 50 bucks a year really isn’t that bad. I feel a bit bad saying this, but I think I may be converting to Xboxism :/

  8. Alright, well I have both and utilize both of their online services. PSN is free so I thought, “why not?” and honestly, paying 50 dollars once a year really isn’t that bad at all (XBL). and as you know, I have long slender fingers so controller size isn’t an issue for me. Plus, you get what you pay for. sure there’s PSN plus but thats more of an option than xbl gold. you can still download games and dlc with regular psn, but you can’t do that with xbl sliver, which is free. but like i said, you get what you pay for. and I think Microsoft is a little better at the internet thing than sony is. as for as games…it seems like there are less and less console exclusive games coming out, the only differences being in the DLC which is not enough to make me chose between systems. I have a PS3 and a Xbox back home, but i only decided to get a xbox out here in Afghanistan because I’m just more familiar with it from playing Halo all the time. But other than that, I have no real preference I guess. I honestly think the argument is pointless lol. I know the one thing everyone can agree on though: The Wii is doing the worst outta all three lol.

  9. Hey there… My clan plays PS3, and we’re all pretty down about this situation 😦 BUT that being said, as far as I know not one of us has contemplated the switch to XBOX. I just can’t see paying to play online, the controller IS weird like you said, and I’m not down with the RROD. Although I got my PS3 free from a friend because it had the YLOD and I just had to pay to get it fixed. To sum it up though, no suckbox for me. I’m just gonna wait out the PS3 because it does/has everything I’m looking for.

  10. It’s weird that I’ve never heard ‘big controllers’ cited as a reason for the PS3 vs Xbox! Interesting! But I’m a diehard xbox fan and having throught about it…I have big hands for a girl…. Never had a problem with the controller being too big, I’ve always preferred the feel of the xbox 360 one over the PS3 one too, I’m not a fan of the tradtional PS controllers at all 😛 Interesting post!

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