The Lesson Tekkan 6 taught me

So…apparently kicking everyone’s butt in Tekkan is not a good way to endear oneself to your boyfriend’s friends.

Or their girlfriends.

So, in my defense, I really tried to fight super fair. I made sure never to cheese, I purposely switched up between characters and combos instead of utterly destroying people. I even lost once (though it was pretty obvious that it was because I had no idea how to use Lady Gaga…I mean, Lilli).

Anyhoo, after playing for a very short amount of time, my boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend (say that five times fast) got up and left in a huff. I had hoped to convert a girl to gaming, and instead she left after one round!

Next, after being defeated twice more, her boyfriend left as well.

When only my boyfriend and I left, it became a little boring, because I kept winning, so we stopped too.

I have seen these boys play against other guys who destroy them in other games, and they never give up! But me beating them just wasn’t fun to them.

Basically, I am wondering if perhaps, in the future, I should throw the match a few times.

I have been given much to ponder. Any advice, menfolk?

They tried to tell me Nina sucked…I told them they didn’t know how to play, LOL.

4 thoughts on “The Lesson Tekkan 6 taught me

    • thanks for the input! But maybe as guys you dont have to worry about your girlfriend’s friends liking you! Maybe this is only a concern to me because I want my boyfriend to not feel bad about bringing me around his friends…

  1. Don’t throw matches!

    I grew up playing games against a friend that just seemed naturally good at every game, ever. I can’t say I *never* beat him, but it was extremely lopsided. What I find, though, is that when I then play against someone else, I tend to be better than *them*. Competition helps you learn. If you throw matches, you just reinforce bad gaming habits in your opponents.

    . . . on second though, if you want to continue to dominate, I guess you can throw a few matches so they think they’re playing well, when in fact, they’re not. >:) [evil laugh]

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