Okamiden First Impressions

I have just started…I’m only about an hour or so in, but I wanted to give my thoughts so far.

Also, for future reference, I often have spoilers in my reviews. If you don’t want something spoiled, DON’T READ MY REVIEWS. I never seem to remember to put the big ol’ SPOILERS ALERT tag.


A part of me hates and a part of me loves the repetition of Okami in this game. So far, I have already seen Shinsu Field and Kamiki village in game, and the opening credits show all of the other lands Okami visited. I start off with Issun as my partner, and the world gets dark, and I begin to swear that if m*%$$&^ Orochi is back I am just done. I killed him three times in Okami, it’s not happening again!

Sorry, that turned into a mini rant. Anyhoo, all I mean is that so far I am seeing nothing new. On the other hand, it is a sequel. It’s nice to see old characters and old locations in sequels and to feel that old sense of returning to a familiar world.

On that mysterious imaginary third hand, the graphics do not do this world justice.

Yep…she’s back, but without the butt crack showing this time!


I basically have to use my imagination and memory of Okami to play this game without squinting. The graphics are blocky, and enough things have changed in an otherwise replica of the landscape in Okami that it is REALLY noticeable.

I mean, a big part of Okami was the amazing scrollwork-looking graphics. And we ended up with a sequel full of ugly. It is pretty strange to me.

Incorporation into DS System

However, I do think that moving the sequel onto the DS was a nice move. The stylus works perfectly with the drawing nature of the game, and the time-limit on the ink makes sure that it is not overly easy.

(P.S.: They gave me a paintbrush of Chibi’s tail to use as a stylus…HOW CUTE!)

The map on the bottom of the screen is also convenient, and the menu is ordered practically identically to the menu in Okami.

The opening sequence offered the choice of playing as a “Greenhorn” or an “Old hand,” so I assume someone new to the Okami world would have a little more guidance in that version. I like that they provided it: it was an easy solution to introducing new gamers, without boring or alienating the old fans.


Overall, besides the graphics, I am impressed and having fun. Probably the only major improvement would be being able to skip through conversations faster, but I had that same complaint with the old Okami.

We shall see if this repetition fixes itself, or if I will end up feeling like I really just bought a cute paintbrush.


2 thoughts on “Okamiden First Impressions

  1. Interesting to note. It’s really too bad that the awesome graphical style looks like it’s too much for the DS. I’ll be checking back for your final thoughts on it!

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