Mass Effect 2 Review

This review is me ten hours in.

First Impressions

It took like an hour to get through the beginning! I had to watch a cutscene, then watch a comic, then build a person. I should just warn people to pee, eat, turn off the stove, etc. before pressing start for the first time, lol.

I liked the little similarities I saw to other sci-fi shows like Star Trek. You had the Geth, which were basically like the Borg in my mind (but with no hive, as far as I know) and then Scotty down in the bottom of the ship (I’ll let you figure out who that is, lol). He said, “Can I do anything for you?” and I reeeeeeaaally wanted the option to say, “Beam me up, muthaf****!”

Oh, and another thing: I would like my missions to be labeled by location instead of order I received them. Kthanks.

I admit to being a little overwhelmed with how big the ship is. I will probably get used to it in a bit, but its size combined with the tiny font made exploring the ship a little annoying.


Speaking of which, I don’t know if it was my TV or what, but I COULD NOT read the frikkin’ codex. Thank goodness it read itself to me. But then my insatiable curiosity makes me sad that it doesn’t read the additional information in the codex out loud…and I need a microscope to read it myself. Does anyone else have this problem with the font? It’s so hard to make choices because I can barely read the different options. Sometimes I guess and say the completely wrong thing, lol.

The graphics in general are pretty solid. A lot of greys and things melding into the background, which I don’t personally like. They look slightly dated to me, but it could just be that my expectations are too high. It was completely impossible to recreate my face. so I made Li’l Kim with short blonde hair 🙂 She’s cute.

Oh and her voice actor is Avatar Kyoshi. Which is hilarious.

Wish my font was that big and clean. 😦


Miranda is…Australian? Her voice is already driving me crazy. Jacob looks like Kanye West for some reason (I asked other people and they agreed, so it’s not just me…I think it’s the eyebrows?). I was so happy to see a black man in a sci-fi video game that I practically kissed the screen. I also found out that he is a romanceable character. I wonder how many people chose him as a love interest?

I like the Illusive Man so far. He seems wonderfully deep. I hate characters who think of themselves as evil, and he clearly thinks he has to do what he is doing for humanity’s sake. In his mind, he’s a hero. Bioware is good with creating great characters though, so that’s not surprising.

Mordin is probably my favorite so far. He talks really fast and he is a doctor, but he has no problem killing people. He said something like, “There is more than one way to save people. Sometimes it’s healing people, sometimes it’s killing people trying to hurt them.”

Garrus is also pretty cool. I like his face and attitude about life. He could be my alien boyfriend in real life 🙂 (Another character in the game said she just wanted to hold him and whisper “it’s going to be all right” and my character was like mmhmmm girl!).

Zaeed talks a frikkin’ LOT. That’s all I have for him right now. I don’t think I like him.

I will update this section when I gather more team members, but so far I find myself wishing for Dragon Age‘s set of tactics and combat wheel.

Now, if she was dressed like that, I might like her more.


Combat has been slightly difficult because, as I have mentioned before, the only shooter I like is Borderlands. Getting used to switching between guns, ducking behind things, leaping back over those things, and utilizing my teammates is unwieldy in my opinion, but I suppose that once I get used to the buttons it will feel more intuitive.

What I would have preferred was a tactic menu like in Dragon Age, listed out without pictures. I would also like a way to see what the different weapons are like without being in the middle of the stressful combat system, like maybe a practice/training room. In Borderlands, I had my friend to tell me what the different guns were like when we first started playing. Since ME2 isn’t co-op, I can’t do anything but phone a friend.

So far I have only died once (took a sec to figure out where in the heck my health was, so I didn’t notice that I was getting hit by those missiles that looked like they were hitting the box beside me, lol).

Oh, P.S.: L2 and R2 will need to be pressed at random moments in the game to initiate “good guy” or “bad guy” actions (I hate that I have to be so either or).


First off: Umm…why did I blindly agree to blow something up that I was standing on? Then act all surprised when the obvious happened?

Okay, now that that is off my chest, the story is interesting. I like that I don’t completely trust anyone’s motives. This game keeps me guessing in true Bioware style. It hasn’t yet grabbed me the way Dragon Age did, and I’m not sure why. I love watching shows/movies/anime that take place in outer space (Outlaw Star [I swear codex voice is the same voice as the narrator for that show], Star Trek, Andromeda, etc.), so I don’t think it’s a fantasy vs sci-fi thing. I just don’t really care about any of the characters yet, not even my own. I think it may have to do with the fact that the choices she has to choose between are not choices I would pick.


I am actually wondering what everyone loved so much about this game. Now, don’t get me wrong: it’s a good game, I just don’t see a wow factor. I would like more control over the other people in my party and to access things like armor and guns in one location (like an inventory).

I AM, however, ten hours in, so I definitely don’t hate it. I love the feeling of exploring space and having all these little places to find. I think the biggest deterrent right now is the eye strain from trying to read anything on the screen. Thank God for wikis!

‘Scuse me. I got missions to do.

5 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 Review

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  2. Great impressions!

    The Stranded love us some ME2.

    I think my favorite part of the entire game is the using the dialog U.I. The radial chooser is very slick and I love how what you choose is not actually what the voice actors say. What I would really like, is the option to “play” through the entire game with just the dialog and cutscenes. Were that possible, I would attempt many tries to see how the story changes depending on my choices. As it is, ME2 (and all RPGs) are just too time consuming for me. I felt great just getting through the game once. (Great ending waiting for you, btw.) Good luck!

    • I felt that way about Dragon Age, so I know I will feel that way about ME2. You put hours into a game so it kind of sucks to have to go and do all of that over just to make a few key choices. I agree with you that would be a really cool option. Ah well, that’s what youtube is for! I didnt have to miss out on any of the lovin 😉

  3. So far im quite happy with it too! really enjoying most aspects of the game i have to say when the game was rattling on about the geth i thought who? then i checked the Codex, rubbed my beard and thought, yup borg lol! Im quite fond of Garus too myself but i must admit to finding the doctor humorous too, on one of my random discussions with him he mentioned curing jokers condition and then sad ah no that will cause liver failure, i think the neighbours heard me cackling to that one.

    I’ve chickened out and pick the soldier as i come from an FPS background i thought id let my team mates do their jedi thing and chuck people around the room while i just shoot the crap out of anything that moves, so far its not failed me.

    • Ditto on the soldier thing. I didn’t want a “mage” lol. And yes I love the doctor, especially when he fussed at me for asking if he could talk lol he flipped out at me… I had my Shepard slowly back out of the room LOL.

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