inFamous 2 Release Date Announced

inFamous 2 will be released on June 7th of this year for the PS3, announced Scott Steinberg, VP of product marketing with SCEA.

Cole MacGrath, the protagonist, will be using elemental superpowers and a new melee fighting system. The game takes place in New Marais, which is patterned after New Orleans.

The publisher also confirmed that a Hero Edition was being released for $99.99. The Hero Edition contains:

  • The game
  • 8.5 inch statue of Cole
  • Replica messenger bag
  • mini comic
  • game’s soundtrack
  • vouchers for DLC

You can also get fun stuff depending on where you buy/pre-order the game:

  •  Amazon: reserve the game and get the 24K Gold version of Cole’s “Amp” weapon.
  • Best Buy: shoppers can grab a character skin modeled after inFamous‘s antagonist, Kessler.
  • GameStop: pre-order and you get the telekinetic “Lightning Hook” power.
  • Walmart: pre-orderers get the “Electrocution Grenade” ability.

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