Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Review


I actually didn’t expect to be playing this game.

Yesterday, my good friend texted me and asked if I’d like to come over and play MVC3. I said yes, not because I was that interested in MVC3, but mostly because I just love playing video games with friends. I warned him that I have always had trouble with Marvels, Capcoms and SNKs vs whatever, but he told me that he just got the game, so we would be on the same level.

I won the first two rounds.


Then two more of his friends came over, and one of them pummeled all of us for the next hour or so.

Also, the opening scene of Ryu beating up Wolverine is ridiculous…everyone knows his Adamantium (just realized I don’t know how to spell that word) skeleton, quick-healing, and razor-sharp claws trump Ryu’s little dragon fist uppercut.  You can’t kill Wolverine with bruises! He heals! Gah!

So anyhoo, here is the review:


LOVE the look of the game. They kept the old-school look but improved it just a smidge. I play with all girls (my standard team always includes Storm and Chun Li) and they all looked awesome! They made the characters 3-D for the first time in the franchise’s history, but the background is still 2-D.

Speaking of background, the levels are pretty interesting as well. If you are waiting for your turn, you can watch giant chickens trying to attack, creepy ghosts going about their business, or Chun Li on a giant poster giving you the peace sign.


Not all the characters everyone wanted will be in the game. Here is a list of the playable characters, according to Wikipedia. I didn’t see all of these on the versus screen, so some of them may need to be unlocked.

Captain America Akuma
Deadpool Albert Wesker
Doctor Doom Amaterasu
Dormammu Arthur
Hulk Chris Redfield
Iron Man Chun-Li
Magneto Crimson Viper
M.O.D.O.K. Dante
Phoenix Felicia
Sentinel Hsien-Ko
She-Hulk Jill Valentine
Mike Haggar
Spider-Man Morrigan Aensland
Storm Nathan Spencer
Super-Skrull Ryu
Taskmaster Trish
Thor Tron Bonne
Wolverine Viewtiful Joe
X-23 Zero

My favorite character so far, along with Chun Li.


My friend actually found a Penny Arcade strip that accurately portrayed the gameplay of this game:

They didn’t even have to tell me what this was about, lol.

This game is fast and furious, folks. You are flying through the air, doing special attacks, randomly tagging in your teammates to help (and then sometimes not being able to get them to leave, lol). This is a great game for people like me who are not die-hard fans of this series. It is much more accessible and fun.

On the other hand, it is also a great game for old hands, because it’s challenging and fast-paced. Learning the combos and how to really use the teammates will probably devour many a hardcore gamer’s soul in the coming weeks.


Offline mode includes arcade and versus mode. Arcade includes a special ending scene for each character that is described as “fan pleasing,” so I can’t wait to see some of that. I also read that some characters from Fantastic Four will make cameos, so I’ll be looking out for that as well.

I didn’t get to play online yet (and will update this post when I do), but I am told it is just like versus mode but with online opponents. I will have to investigate this further, but according to Wikipedia, the online mode will let players view a license card before each match. License Cards keep track of player tendencies based on fighting style, record player points and total number of wins and losses, and allow players to see the positive and negative points of their play styles.


Overall, I really like this game. It is more fun and more accessible, but still fan pleasing. Like I said, I will update this review when I get to play a little more of the online and arcade mode, but so far it sure has my attention.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Review

  1. I’m so damn excited for this game…it’s in the mail now. I’m a huge fan of the old MVC and X-Men vs SF games, Marvel Super Heroes, all that stuff. I heard it plays more like TVC this time around though…curious about that.

    P.S. surprised about Logan getting thrashed by Ryu? Think any of the Capcom characters with the possible exception of Dante or Morrigan can take the Hulk? lol.

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