Borderlands 2 Confirmed

Randy Pitchford, CEP of Gearbox Software has confirmed that a sequel to Borderlands is in the works.

Pitchford was still dismissing claims that Borderlands 2 was in the works as late as last month, asking, “What’s Borderlands 2?” in response to rumors sweeping the internet. Then in a conversation with VG247, he said, “I’m sure Duke will have some demands of me, and I’ve gotta work on Borderlands 2, right?”

I say it better be! Borderlands sold like three million copies, and everyone I know who has played it loved it. I loved running around with my friend in co-op (dare I pray for a four player co-op this time around?!), and online was pretty fun, though a bit laggy sometimes.

Overall, this was the first first-person shooter that I actually enjoyed and paved the way for me to try out Mass Effect. I can’t wait to hear what they are doing with the game!

8 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 Confirmed

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  3. Yes yes and yes. Actually I don’t think you asked any questions but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love Borderlands. Had the core game on release and maxed out my Siren to lvl 50. I just picked up the GotY edition and am working on maxing out my Siren. Also a couple of my friends have picked up the game as well and it’s been really fun joining up for online co-op. It’s definitely mixing it up a little especially since I went from lvl 1- 50 doing solo. Kinda lonely but still fun.

    Can’t wait to see what Borderlands 2 has to offer. Actually it really doesn’t need to change much to still be great. Just need to add different weapon variances and randomized stats. Love the random loot drops. Brings me back to the days of Diablo II 😀 and by golly those were good days.

    • I would just like them to have a better ending for the second one… or answer some questions raised in the first one. Other than that, I trust them to do what they do best. And yeah co-op is fun… too bad PSN is down right now 😦

    • That would be dope. I hope they also come up with a better ending this time (fighting a vagina monster for seemingly no reason kinda sucked lol). I also hope they keep a good female character 🙂

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