The Best Game for Couples…Little Big Planet!

So, as rare as it may seem to some, there are couples where both the man and woman play video games (I’ll wait for the gasps of shock and dismay to subside). If this is not your relationship, I found a wiki with some great tips on how to get your girlfriend to play video games (my favorite tip: “If you do find a girlfriend who already loves video games, keep her”). Ladies, you can also use many of these same tips to get your boyfriend to play with you. Oh, and of course, gay couples, just fill whichever sex you want in the blank, I have some posts for y’all comin’ up!

As the article mentions, you will want to start off with a game that is more about teamwork than competition. In my personal experience, the hands-down (or hands-on-controllers) best game for couples is Little Big Planet!


Little Big Planet is a game with fairly simple controls. You can jump, hang onto things, and move about. If you want, you can also make funny faces and swing your arms about like you’re smacking a naughty…well, anyway, you can have fun with it. You can also smack the mess out of your teammate or hang on to them while you run for dear life (a VERY sweet couple moment, especially if the guy initiates. BIG FREAKIN’ HINT, BOYS.)

I wont go into a full review, because the game is fairly old, but it is basically all about working together. Some parts of the levels can only be accessed with more than one SackPerson. There is friendly competition about who scored the most points, but the scores don’t affect progression in the game, so they can be ignored.


If your boy/girl has never played before, the easy controls and progressively harder levels are perfect for easing them into the game. It also has EXCELLENT music, which can help set the fun and exciting mood as opposed to the mood being a little too serious (Black Ops, I’m lookin at you!). As the article states, FUN is the key factor in getting your loved one to enjoy video games (shocking, I know)!

Jumping on bison backs and avoiding flaming snakes will give your loved one a feeling of accomplishment! Make sure you help him/her out once in a while, but not so often as to get annoying. The general rule is to only offer assistance when they ask or seem very frustrated by a part of the game. Frustration is the devil to newbie video game love!

Fighting the devil of newbie video game love

Frustration. It strikes us all. I can remember playing Mario as a child and my mother threatening to turn it off if I kept making my little frustrated huffs, puffs, and growls. Of course, as a serious gamer, I was not deterred by the frustration (although Demon Souls got the best of me. I traded that sucker back after three hours of losing my Internet connection and having to start all over…grr) but many people who video games do not come naturally to are put off by feeling like beaming a controller at an expensive television screen. 

Little Big Planet is mostly frustration-free, but if you come to a level that proves to be next to impossible to beat together, suggest a hot chocolate (or some other treat) break. Offer a hand massage as well if you’re feeling lovey-dovey. Associating positive things with playing video games makes it feel more like couple time. After your break, you can either try playing the level again or go off and play online in other LBP worlds.

The Payoff

If you are already a gaming couple, you will gain a deep satisfaction and pride in your collective awesomeness. Knowing you demolished those levels with your loved one by your side will make you feel all tender and googly-eyed and such. And you know where that goes!

If your boyfriend/girlfriend is new to gaming, you can take pride in their accomplishment. They will feel happy about themselves, and may be encouraged to venture out into harder games. Use lots of positive encouragement, like, “Great job, boo! You are awesome at this game!” to get them to feel like you’re excited about how well they did. Feeling appreciated is a nice aphrodisiac – I mean, feeling.

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