Birthday Girl: A Gamer’s Wish List

Well, since it’s my birthday, I can do what I want. So I made a list of games I want! I am only going to get one for my actual birthday (Little Big Planet 2) but I may be able to buy some more with birthday mone,y of course (gosh I feel twelve years old saying birthday money…would you believe I’m twenty-three? Wow, I’m a loser). Anyhoo, some are already out, and some aren’t out yet. Sheesh, some aren’t even real! (reread first sentence of post).

Soooo here we go!

Little Big Planet 2

I mean, go see my previous post to see how much I loved the first one. I trust them to do just as well on the second one. It appears our Sackgirls can now fly about (I am already known for my Sackfairy costume at Gamestop, fyi) and I expect just as many addictingly fun levels as the first game had! I am a little too impatient to build my own game levels, but I enjoy playing others’ levels, so I’m excited to see what people will create!

Dragon Age 2

All of my friends know about my obsession with this game. I bought all the DLCs, the books, the comics, the clothes, figured out how to use online forums and, yes, even considered getting the tabletop game. So you can only imagine my conniptions over the impending sequel. I am a little iffy about the big changes they’ve made…because, honestly, the new scenery looks downright…boring. Do I have to stare at blasted plains for hours because it’s more artsy? ‘Cuz that would suck. I am also super-pleased about the new strong female tank, Aveline, (although many female gamers were complaining there were too many girl companions…really? Seriously ladies? You have set us back like ten years).

Added bonus: HOTTIE! He better be romanceable!



I have been praying for a sequel to Okami since I finished the game. The beautiful graphics, tight music, and overall loveability of this game is just off the charts. I think the DS will be the perfect platform to make a sequel, because the stylus will really lend itself well to the drawing parts of the game (unlike the frikkin’ Wii remote!). I just hope and pray they don’t mess it up!

Added bonus: Chibi characters! Sqqqqqeeeeee!


Mortal Kombat

I just love Mortal Kombat. I think I have had (‘cuz things get lost/traded in my house) all of the games. Currently, I only have the last four (including DC vs MK). I can’t really explain why I love it so much. It might be that deep voice telling me to “FINISH HIM,” or possibly my love for beating my opponents and getting to see blood swoosh out. Yes, I said swoosh. Watch it sometime. It’s a swoosh of blood. I also enjoy the way they have given it more back story. Like Tekkan, a fighting game with interesting back stories just gets me more excited about the ensuing FATALITY. Taking it back to its old school roots seems to be the only way to go, after making that supremely over-the-top game (Armageddon) with over sixty fighters.

Added bonus: Kratos?

Family portrait from Armageddon.

D.C. Universe Online

I can be a superhero. Do I have to say anything else?


A sequel to Borderlands

I loved Borderlands and I just don’t know why. I am not a fan of shooters. The characters have no back story. And yet…and yet I love it. I even have all the DLCs. But…I need more. I just need them to make a sequel, give the characters more story, explain the vagina monsters more, etc. Oh, pretty please, with sugar on top?

Added bonus: And explain why everyone doesn’t just move to the part of Pandora with trees and water!

A sequel or update to Legend of Dragoon

A PS1 game you have never heard of and I want a sequel on the PS3?! You betcha! This game was phenomenal. For its time, the graphics were awesome (imagine how much more awesome they could be on the PS3!) and the story was engaging. The characters were diverse and interesting (except Shana and Miranda, but we’re not talking about those sissy healer-archer characters now, are we?!). I personally found it more fun than Final Fantasy 7 at the time, which is saying a lot. The game also lends itself well to a prequel, since there is already a half-known story from the past about Rose and the original Dragoons. Universe, I promise to give up Taco Bell forever if you can just make this happen!

Added bonus: I may possibly faint from joy, and you all can draw a mustache on my face!

This game’s version of Piccolo…a quiet badass from

The Sims Medieval

I really do enjoy The Sims 3. I also love stories from the middle ages. I used to tell people that one day I would invent a game where you could rule a kingdom and control the characters and the aspects of them (I wrote all my ideas down and I might still try to get that game on and poppin’ one day).

Therefore, The Sims Medieval sounds like the perfect game for me. It’s The Sims, set in the middle ages. Perfecto. Like a ham and cheese sandwich. It just makes me happy

Added bonus: Adventure, drama, and romance!

What’s this? The “punk him out” option?

4 thoughts on “Birthday Girl: A Gamer’s Wish List

  1. I’m very curious about DC Universe Online. I’m a huge fan of MMO’s and City of Hero’s was the first one I played and it was awesome making your own Super Hero! I’ve heard good things about DCUO, and I’m wondering how a MMO would do on the PS3. One of my friends took the jump and is playing it so hopefully I’ll hear more.

    But when Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comes out, I’m back into MMO land…sorry PS3.

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