Little Medusa Breathes New Life into the NES, SNES, and Genesis!

Mega Cat Studios, the developers and publishers behind a number of “new” retro games like Creepy Brawlers and Coffee Crisis, are at it again with another fantastic experience in the form of Little Medusa. The game is an action-puzzle title that’s an homage to the NES classic Kickle Cubicle from 1990, featuring an interesting story revolving around Greek mythology. In the game, players take control of Artemiza, a young goddess who gets turned into a gorgon when the Titans escape their eternal prison. They have to petrify their enemies, create special paths, and dodge all sorts of nasty traps on their quest to save Mount Olympus.

I will admit that I’ve never actually played Kickle Cubicle before, but I can say that the gameplay of this new adventure reminds me a fair bit of another beloved franchise of mine: The Adventures of Lolo (or Eggerland in Japan).

One neat thing about Little Medusa is that the experience isn’t limited to 8 or 16-bit. Instead, the developers made the decision to put the game out on three different platforms, giving you the option to choose from an NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis version of the game. While obviously there are some differences in terms of graphical prowess and sound quality between the different consoles, the overall experience remains true no matter which version you decide to pick up. What’s more, the game costs just $49.99 regardless of the platform.

As with previous releases from Mega Cat StudiosLittle Medusa comes as a complete package containing a box with original artwork, a detailed instruction manual, and a physical cartridge that will play in the console of your choice. All of this, naturally, comes wrapped in nostalgia.

Also, if you’re tempted to give the game a try before committing to the purchase, the company has demos available for all three platforms on their website!

Little Medusa is available now for just $49.99 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, and the Sega Genesis! It’s a fantastic purchase and would make a great gift for any retro-gaming enthusiast!



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