Marvel Yule Logs: Spend the Holidays at Your Favorite Hero’s Apartment

Do you love watching the slow combustion of logs on your television or mobile app for hours at a time? What if it’s tied in with your favorite Marvel heroes?

Have I got a deal for you!

To get us out of the bleak midwinter, Marvel + Coke teamed up with the polar bears to bring us the apartments of five of their beloved heroes.

First is Cap’s, complete with his old shield plus folded up flag on the mantle and his round shield on the floor. There’s even a picture of Peggy Carter on the end table. It’ll play the same “O Christmas Tree” song in old jazzy tunes throughout the hour. I assume that’s because Cap adores the song and thinks there’s nothing weird about binging on it as he’s dancing off screen in the kitchen while handwashing dishes.

Ms. Marvel’s comes complete with her New Jersey homestead where the teenager of course left her clothes laying on the couch as well as an Avengers comic book. You’ll hear the apartment life throughout the hour as her parents shuffle around preparing dinner.

Thor’s is surprisingly modern with stucco walls instead of stone. He did seem to murder and skin a Coca-Cola polar bear for a rug. Not sure how that helps with the crossbranding. You can see Mjolnir and his cape left on the left side bench as well as a tiny hammer on the mantle. Randomly, green light will flash as I assume Loki comes home for Noremas dinner to make his mom happy.

Iron Man’s is all about Tony Stark’s favorite character — himself. With a giant painting over the mantle that’s also holding every various helmet of the armor, it’s clear who this room belongs to. There’s a tiny picture of Pepper up in the corner. The pizza box is left open because, if you notice at 4:52, there’s a giant man who looks a bit like Galactus hanging around outside the window. Christmas can wait when there’s a world to save.

Saved for last is quite possibly the cutest of them all, the Guardians of the Galaxy ship. A bit weird, it’s not a fireplace but some kind of orange plasma ball. What makes it so adorable? At about 30 seconds in the music kicks in and…well, you have to watch the video to see. Spoilers and all.

You can see it even better in the close up, which Marvel was also nice enough to include for all the heroes.

I know what I’m putting on in the background for my Christmas Eve cooking and present unwrapping this year.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, A Survivable Boxing Day, and general Happy Holidays from me, Cap dancing to “O Christmas Tree” for the 50th time, Iron Man bashing in Galactus’s big big head, Thor falling for Loki’s christmas cracker, Ms. Marvel sledding with Lock Jaw, and the most adorable baby dancing tree there is.

Tell us what you think!

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