Seraph Gives Us Acrobatics, Demons, and Guns!

Dreadbit brings us a skills-based, acrobatic platform shooter Seraph, a title that seems to marry the gameplay styles of Mega Man X and Metroid. In Seraph, the player takes the role of an angel who was imprisoned by humans decades before the game takes place. After years of being held captive, demons suddenly appear in the labyrinthine prison, slaying the guards and taking over. This appears to be both troubling and a blessing in disguise: although these abominations are now in the mortal realm, this provides Seraph with a means to escape.

There’s just one problem: she’s only a shadow of her former self, and in order to have the power to return to Origin (Heaven?), she’ll need to slay the demons and their leaders to reclaim her lost power.

Dreadbit describes the gameplay style of Seraph as gun-fu, and in the video here, you’ll quickly see what they mean.

The game has been in Early Access on Steam since April 26, 2016, and if you like what you see you can pick up your own copy for $12.99.

There’s a lot more to the game than it would seem on the surface (including a Twitch mode that lets viewers vote on what direction the game will go next), so this is one I’ll definitely continue keeping an eye on!

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