Nerd Shirt Sites: We’re Going to Need a Bigger Closet

I believe all nerds and geeks have a tendency to hoard like dwarves with a limited-edition Arkenstone. I totally get it, but the Aperture Science shirt you got in high school after the first weekend you spent obsessively playing Portal can be replaced eventually. The problem isn’t that we, as women nerds, want to cling to our old clothes, but rather that our options for so many years have been ridiculously low – and buying a men’s or “unisex” cut should never be your only option.

Just For Ladies


In desert of unisex shirts, Her Universe is an oasis of women’s clothing. Ashley Eckstein has done an amazing job creating a space for women and girls to showcase their love of science fiction. As wonderful as Her Universe is, it is Sci-Fi centric with only five licenses and a little on the expensive side. Shirts are an average of twenty dollars and come in a wide variety of styles, but aren’t what make the site shine fashion wise. This site is perfect for the fashion forward nerd willing to shell out or $90 for a vintage style Cloud City pin-up dress, $50 for an X-Wing cardigan, and complete the look with a full set of R2-D2 jewelry.

Getting Them Started Early


Remember when your father bought you that Cowboys cap even though you grew up in Florida and didn’t know how football is played? Or when you were eight and your mom bought you shoes every month even though you only wore one pair of sneakers? Probably not, because those are my memories, but the point is: parents love sharing their passions with their kids, and nerd parents are no different. Geekling Designs is the only store I’ve been able to find that caters to nerdy moms-to-be and their growing geeklings. From infancy to elementary, your kid may not fully understand why you bought them these particular shirts and dresses, but that never stopped your parents.

Loot All the Crates


Mail-delivered gift boxes are the best thing since mail-delivered sliced bread. Since its launch, LootCrate has expanded into a few different categories, the most relevant to this article being LootWear for her. For $14.99 a month you get a surprise box of clothes and accessories. Sizes go up to 3XL, and the theme changes every month. If you don’t happen to be thrilled with a month’s theme, save your box as a present for a fellow nerd. (That’s what I do.)

Post-Steam-Sale Budget


For the times when you simply can’t drop a twenty on a new shirt, 6 Dollar Shirts has got you covered. Granted, the site is not geek specific, but they’re the only site that has dedicated dinosaur, literature, and history tabs, and that’s admirable. The sheer vastness of variety in the site makes it easy for anyone to find a shirt they’d like on the cheap.

Fun for the Whole Family



Did you ever wear a tail and wish it would twitch? Have you ever played D&D and wanted your own bag of holding? Did you hate high school but secretly wanted a varsity jacket, maybe one from Starfleet academy? Do you think bunnies are lame and would rather have a pair of fuzzy shark slippers? If you answered no but still think those items sound pretty neat, then you should probably check out ThinkGeek. This is the place for well-rounded geeks and nerds to buy clothes, toys, and furniture for themselves and their family. This site has actually helped me to find other sites and clothing lines like Her Universe. Whether you want to lounge in a sports bra and yoga pants or need to get you and your S.O. ready for the Grand Galloping Gala, they have something to cater to your wants and needs. Regular shirts average around twenty bucks, and other types of clothes vary in price. For example, a young girl’s Starfleet dress is $30, while a women’s 11th doctor’s cosplay coat is $300. Size range goes up to 3XL, with some shirts being plus exclusives.

That’s Not Quite It

These five sites just happened to be the ones I found to have the most variety for lady nerds in various stages of their lives and budget. I’ve compiled a chart of seventeen websites that offer clothes for nerds and included details like average shirt cost, variety of geekiness, and size options. Fortunately, the internet is vast and websites change and pop up all the time. In the time it took me to research all these sites, both the Valve store and 6dollarshirts went through major overhauls that made them into better clothing sites. If there are any stores you love that I didn’t mention, feel free to comment about them so other ladies can benefit from your shopping savvy.

Website Average Cost of Shirts Variety of Geekiness Variety of Apparel Variety of size $20.00 Basically nerdvana whole family, every occasion up to 3X and plus exclusives $22.00 Gaming domination Shirts, sweaters, skivvies,and trinkets up to 4XL, but good luck finding any in-stock $17.00 ($11 on the first day) All games, all original artwork All shirts, all the time up to 2XL $17.00 for women (switch from pounds default) Well-rounded geek Shirts, sweaters, sleepy times up to 2XL $15.00 Fandoms and pop culture Shirts and tanks up to XL for women, 3XL for men’s cut $18.00 for Babes / $32.00 for Moms Well-rounded geek Onesies, all kid’s stuff, maternity up to 18 months, youth large, and Momma’s XL $25.00 All Valve, all the time Shirts, sweaters, dress, cosplay, and work out up to 2XL $20.00 All Bioware, all the time Shirts, sweaters, tanks, dresses and tights Up to 2XL $24.00 All Blizzard, all the time Shirts, sweaters, tanks, and tights Up to 2XL $20.00 Fandoms and pop culture Shirts, sweaters, skirts, and kids Up yo 3XL $20.00 Well-rounded geek plus pop culture Shirts, sweaters, kids up to XL for women, 3XL for men’s cut $20.00 Fandoms, pop culture, games Shirts and sweaters up to XL for women, 3XL for men’s cut $25.00 Fandoms and pop culture Shirts, sweaters, sleepy times Up to 3XL, but good luck finding any in stock $6.00 Well-rounded geek plus pop culture Shirt, sweaters, tanks, and kids up to XL for women, 3XL for men’s cut $25.00 Generic, but you get to DIY Shirts, sweaters, tanks, skivvies, kids Up to 3XL $14.99/month Well-rounded, new every month Depends on the month Up to 3XL $20.00 Sci- fi fandoms Shirts, sweaters, tanks, dresses, and tights Up to 3XL

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