Necropolis Brings On Fun Party Dungeon Delving!


A very good friend of mine recently shared a copy of Necropolis with me because he’d been given more than one copy to put out coverage on and wanted to take a peek at the game’s multiplayer aspects. Knowing absolutely nothing about this one, I figured I’d give it a shot by firing it up with him, and I have to say that it was most certainly worth my time! 🙂

Necropolis just released on July 12, 2016 and comes to us from Harebrained Schemes and Bandai Namco for the PC via Steam. It’s a third-person procedural dungeon delving experience with a uniquely dark cel-shaded art style and an interesting story that we can only piece together by playing the game. Death in the game is most certainly permanent, and each time you die (or your party is totally defeated) a new dungeon is generated for you to explore. However, dying is not without its merits on some level. as at the end of each run, your score will determine how many tokens you get. These can be spent on purchasing new runes (with static stat upgrades), costumes, and consumables! All of that definitely plays into the addictive “this next run is totally the one!” sort of mindset!

Crafting is something we didn’t really take a look at this time around, but it’s most definitely part of the game. You can play Necropolis on your own or with up to a party of four total players, and what’s really interesting is that the multiplayer is drop-in-and-go, so there’s not much required to get it started.

This one is going for $29.99 on Steam right now, but if you’re a fan of roguelike adventures that you can play with friends, it’s certainly worth looking into. There are a few bugs that the devs need to iron out, but these should be fixed up soon with upcoming patches!

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