Mana Spark Brings Roguelike Fun from Brazil!

Mana Spark is an in-development roguelike from Brazilian team Behemutt, set to hit Steam Early Access in the next couple of months. I was directly contacted by them and given a demo (essentially a pre-alpha build) to try out and show some gameplay for, and while at first I wasn’t sure how it would actually play, I’m very pleased with my time spent with the game so far!

The gameplay is fun, and yes, brutal (especially after level 3). However, the game isn’t really unfair, and each death should teach you something. I also really like the fact that the enemies band together, so you may find a goblin that calls a nearby wolf over and then rides it in its assault against you, which is really neat to see.

Another cool thing is that when you die, the game generates a GIF that shows the last few seconds of your in-game life, meant to be shared on social media, of course!


The game looks to be coming along nicely, so if this is your cup of tea, head on over to their main homepage to find out more about the game and its designers!

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