Make Your Own Dragon Age Planter

Now is the summer of our content – provided we didn’t piss off the Tudors and wind up buried under a carport.

I love any excuse to dig in dirt and smell bright things, so gardening is the perfect hobby to pick up when the weather turns nice/excruciatingly hot/dead/nice again. While ceramic pots are fancy and all, I have a dog who’s less than graceful when she’s chasing after a tennis ball.

The problem with preferring plastic pots is that they’re boring as sin to look at. Flat browns and muddy greens is all anyone can bother with, while ceramics get the prettiest colors and shades. But no, I shall stand up against Big Ceramic and make my own eye-catching plastic planter.

Designed to house my black petunia and candy corn plant (it’s my Halloween in summer design), this is super easy to make. All you need is a planter, spray paint, cardstock, an exacto blade, and tape.

I printed off the dragon onto cardstock and proceeded to slowly trim it out with the exacto blade to make the stencil. You could do this with any of your favorite emblems and have an entire gamer garden.

The only trick is to make sure you get the fusion spray paint that’s designed to stick to plastic (which is one of the ten wonders of the modern world. I couldn’t do a tenth of my prop making without it). If you’re working with a terracotta planter, then you needn’t bother; the old-fashioned stuff is fine.

Make sure to leave a long drying time after the first color layer before adding the stencil. The fusion stuff stays tackier longer, and tape may flake it off.

Now, tape up your stencil and get to spraying. Once it’s all dried and you’ve touched up some inevitable run off, plant your elfroot in there and you’re ready to save Thedas.

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