Review: Emily is Away

 [EIC Note: This is a guest review from Kaitlyn Wentworth!]

In Emily is Away, you play a high school senior, class of 2002. This game is a short nostalgia trip that has you talking to a girl named Emily, one of your friends. There will be a few spoilers down below, so I recommend that play the game first before reading this – it’s short!

One thing that’s nice is that you can create your own screenname and even come up with a first name. I’ve always been a fan of customizable games. There are five total chapters. The first chapter starts in 2002, when both you and Emily are graduating from high school. The first decision you must make is whether or not you’re going to Travis’s party. Each chapter brings with it a new year. The final chapter takes place during your senior year of college. Your relationship with Emily gets more distant and tense as time passes by. Someone who was once very close to you will now barely talk to you. Unfortunately, the ending is always the same. The choices you make throughout the game ultimately won’t affect anything.

You’re offered three choices of dialogue, and you actually have to use your keyboard to type the message out. You can just press one key over and over and it will still type the same message, but you have to type. The game is pretty short; it only took me about fifteen or twenty minutes to play through the first time. If you really wanted to, you could probably get a little more out of it if you go through and change your choices.

While playing through the game, I felt emotionally drained. Did I really just have my heart broken by a bot? I was also disappointed by the fact that the options you choose don’t change the ending in any way. The game made me feel sad and reminded me of the people I drifted away from after high school graduation. Though it’s short, I really was dragged into the game. I’m glad I played.

The game is free to play and includes twenty achievements. Five of the achievements are for completing all the chapters, and the remaining fifteen are for using various icons. Overall, it’s a good game with a good story. I recommend you try it yourself. I would give the game an A-.


Kaitlyn Wentworth is a junior in college. She enjoys video games and movies, especially of the horror genre. In her spare time she enjoys hiking.

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