Mini Book Review – Hamilton: The Revolution

Hamilton: the Revolution, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter, is a companion to the smash Broadway hit Hamilton. For those who aren’t aware of the musical’s plot, it’s about Alexander Hamilton’s life (along with the other founding fathers) told through various forms of music including hip-hop and pop. The book provides all the background on how Hamilton happened.


First off, this book is beautifully bound, giving it that vintage look. The book is divided into Act I and Act II of the play. Along with the lyrics to the songs, it provides footnotes on them. Not only that, each chapter provides insights about the production of the play, the historical players, and the actors who play them. For those not lucky enough to have seen the show in person, it provides plenty of high-resolution photographs of different parts of the musical. The book includes letters from the historical figures and even political cartoons. There’s something for everyone, even sketches of the different materials used for the costumes. Any history or theatre buff, this book is for you.


It provides great insight on all the work that went into creating this fantastic musical. The epilogue is inspired by President Obama’s visit to the production on November 2, 2015. It’s a book with a lot of interesting factoids. If you’re interested in learning more about Hamilton, its creator, the actors, or even learning a bit of U.S. history, grab it. It’s currently unavailable on Amazon, but you can order it, and they’ll deliver once more copies become available.


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