ZHEROS — 3D Futuristic Beat ’em Up!

ZHEROS is a new 3D beat ’em up that arrived on Steam (and XBox One) on February 16, 2016, courtesy of Rimlight Studios.

In many ways, this one reminds me of Double Dragon Neon, although it isn’t a remake or reimagining of any sort of previous adventure. ZHEROS borrows from Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, and many other classic beat ’em up romps and puts them all together in a brand new, modern punch (and kick!) fest. The story is zany and forgettable, in traditional arcade fashion. You can play as one of two members of ZHEROS – an intergalactic peace-keeping squad who are out to stop the evil machinations of Dr. Vendetta. Mike is the brawler who relies on his brute strength, while Captain Dorian is agile, fast, and witty, using kicks and other speedy attacks to take down her foes. The game tosses you into many varied locations with all sorts of crazy enemies and lots of exploration you can do, and it even has some minor RPG elements mixed in under the form of “badges” you can earn that give you skill points you can use to boost up your characters’ abilities (better shields, faster fire rates on your guns, and more attack combos to master).

In the video above, I have a half-hour showcase of the first three stages of the game and I really think it turned out well. Plus, since I didn’t die once even though I was put into a few difficult situations, I think I did very well here and it’s a testament to my skill as a player. Maybe. 😛

In either case, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of this game so far and I have no qualms about recommending it to you. You can pick it up on Steam for just $8.99 (regularly $14.99 USD), and for what you get out of the deal, I think it’s a good buy.

Thanks for tuning in, and more fun is on the horizon!

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